Microbial Biotechnology


Microbial Biotechnology division consists of three full professors, one associated professor along with adjunct professors and senior researchers.


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The Division of Microbial Biotechnology is performing basic, experimental and theoretical research on microorganisms to increase the understanding of their structure and function both at the molecular and cellular levels. The knowledge is applied to develop new biologically based production processes.

Research Labs

Research in this division is categorized based on the activities conducted in individual labs. For details please follow the links:

Almaas Lab

Principle Investigator: Eivind Almaas
Research Themes: Systems Biology, Biological Network Analysis, General Network Analysis, Computational Analysis of Cellular Metabolism, Genetic Circuit Modeling

The main activities in the Almaas lab centers on the use of systems biology to investigate properties of microbes. We specialize in development and application of (1) complex network approaches, and (2) genome-scale metabolic modeling approaches.

Brautaset Lab

Principle Investigator: Trygve Brautaset
Research Themes: Microbial Systems and Synthetic Biology, Recombinant Protein Expression

The main focus is on using systems and synthetic biology approaches to construct and understand microbial cell factories for sustainable production of useful compounds and recombinant proteins.

Microbial and Cell Physiology - Bruheim Lab

Principle Investigator: Per Bruheim
Research Themes: Microbial Physiology, Metabolomics, Fluxomics

Bruheim lab focuses on Deep Phenotyping of prokaryotic and eukaryotic model systems using Advanced Cultivation Technology and Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics and Fluxomics.

Ertesvåg Lab

Principle Investigator: Helga Ertesvåg
Research Themes: Biosynthesis and modification of alginate, Microbial strains for production of fish feed ingredients

Our lab focuses on alginate and alginate-modifying enzymes using the alginate-producing bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens and Azotobacter vinelandii, and developing heterotrophic microorganisms, thraustochytrids and bacteria, for production of DHA.


Principle Investigators: Martin Hohmann-Marriott, Rahmi Lale
Research Themes: Synthetic Biology, Bioenergy, Nano-scale Structures, Metagenomics/Bio-discovery, Molecular Toolbox Development, Laboratory Automation

We conduct open science.