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Signal Processing

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Medical Technology (image)

Physical signals exist everywhere, and they all carry hidden information. 
The signal of a heart can be measured to evaluate its health. Speech can be recorded to identify words and sentences and even the identity of language, dialect or speaker. A camera pill can record the small intestine, hour by hour, and the recording evaluated to find early stages of tumors.Images and video play a natural role in everything from digital information to medical  applications.

Signals can also be used to carry man-made information, and radio systems carry each minute vast amounts of information that has become a part of our lives.

Signal processing is the enabling technology for the generation, transformation and interpretation of the above described information.

The group develops and applies signal processing algorithms for use within communication, speech technology, instrumentation, medicine and storytelling. The algorithms are typically used for signal modelling, visualization, classification, detection, learning and estimation, inference and regression.



Projects - Signal Processing


  • Communication Theoretical Foundation of Wireless Nanonetworks (CIRCLE) - (RCN FRIPRO/FRINATEK)
  • Wireless Brain-Connect Interface to Machines (B-CRATOS) - (Horizon2020)
  • Internet of Bio-NanoThings for Prediction and Prevention of Infectious Diseases (CLIPEUS) - (RCN/IKTPLUSS)
  • HOME - (RCN)
  • WiBEC - (Horizon2020)
  • QoE-Net-  (Horizon2020)
  • HyPerCept
  • Qualinet - (COST)
  • 3D-Contournet - (COST)
  • Warsaw
  • Visual media - (Horizon2020)

Expertise - Signal Processing


  • Speech recognition
  • Speech synthesis
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning
  • Quality of experience
  • Digital storytelling tools
  • Immersive media technology
  • Media experiences
  • Multimedia signal processing
  • Communication theory
  • Information theory
  • Detection and estimation
  • Multirate signal processing
  • Multiantenna and multiuser transmission and reception
  • Radio and underwater communication algorithms
  • Medical signal processing and communications
  • Medical sensing and imaging

Industry - Signal Processing

"Parken" (image) - Photo: Geir Mogen