Smart Wireless Systems (SWS)

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Smart Wireless Systems (SWS)

Smart Wireless Systems - about

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“Smart Wireless Systems" is an established research field for the group at Gjøvik. This is also a field of great relevance for a more efficient organization and management of modern industrial processes.

Research topics covered by the SWS group

  • Wireless Communication
  • Smart Electronics Design
  • Industrial Process Automation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Security

Projects - Smart Wireless Systems

Research projects

  • Wireless Sensor Network for Industrial Process Automation and Smart Grid (Regional Forskningsfond (RFF), 2013–2016)
  • Ka-band radio characterisation for SatCom services in arctic and high latitude regions (European Space Agency (ESA), 2012 –2015)
  • Channel Modelling and Prediction, Routing and Adaptive Data Rate for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (Regional Forskningsfond (RFF), 2012.)