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Innovation is the key to our research. Sometime in the future we will be able to test new ship concepts, experiment with combinations of equipment and train crews in virtual operations before they are carried out in real operations. Such a development will boost innovation and is at the core of our research.

The figure below shows the development of simulator systems at different levels. The first level involves the modelling of the various systems such as ships and equipment. At the second level the users are included in the system and we can simulate a ship involved in a marine operation. At level 3 we link several simulators (vessels) and can thus simulate integrated operations.

As the first research environment in the world we have simulated a situation in which three ships and a rig worked together in an integrated anchor-handling operation. At the final level the aim is to be able to test out the operations before they are actually carried out in reality. It is this final level that is the focus of our research.

Figure - development of simulator systems at different levels

The research into challenging maritime operations is organised and carried out in the Research Centre for Marine Operations in Virtual Environments (MOVE).


Research Projects at the Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering

Project Program
Erasmus + Global mobility staff - Ålesund/Montenegro 2016-2020 Horizon 2020
Erasmu + Global mobility staff, NTNU - Vvlore i Albania Horizon 2020
SFI Marine Operation in Virtual Environment (MOVE) RCN
SFI Offshore Mechatronics,  SFI UIA RCN
SFI Smart Maritime, SINTEF Ocean RCN
KPN Integrated Marine Operation Simulator Facilities for Risk Assessment including Human Factors (IMPROVE) RCN
KPN Virtual Prototyping of Maritime Systems and Operations (ViProMa), Sintef Ocean RCN
IPN Effective Ship Design, Engineering and Fabrication, EMIS, Ulstein International AS  RCN
IPN EDIS, Efficient Data Integration in Ship Design, Ulstein International AS RCN
IPN Virtual prototyping System for maritime winch operation, IPN, Rolls-Royce Marine RCN
IPN Robotbasert produksjon av broelementer i stål, IPN RCN
IPN Simulation-led, rapid prototyping, Deep Tek AS RCN
IPN Sensor Fusion System  for Fatigue and Awareness, OSC RCN
IPN VIA Seaside  RCN
Virtuelle Sjøveien 2016-2019 Privat funding
Brusdalvannet-Klimaendringer, Ålesund kommune Privat funding
Ecomotive AS jfr. 15/00376 Privat funding
Nettbasert oppslagsverk : Ord og uttrykk innen eiendomsforvaltning/fasilitetsstyring Privat funding
Bygge- og anleggssimulator, offshore simulering til onshore Privat funding
Klimaforsk jfr. 15/01360 Privat funding
EnPE-RET Privat funding
Chem-Cont  Jets 2017 Privat funding
Markom 2020 Goverment
Sustainable Transportation in Rural Tourism Pressure Areas" (SUSTRANS) RCN


RCN - Research Council of Norway

Head of Research at IHB


The vision of Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering is to conduct industrial research, development and educate candidates whose qualifications are customised for the maritime industry. We currently have a large lab facility at NTNU in Ålesund.

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