About us

About us

The Department for Historical and Classical Studies is a department with approximately 60 employees, half of whom are academic staff in permanent positions. About 55% of the Department’s permanent academic staff are professors. We have a high proportion of women among permanent employees, and half of the women in permanent scientific positions are professors. The administration consists of five employees, including the office manager. We are an international environment and have employees from 11 countries.

The Department has four study programs, Archaeology, European Studies, Classics and Cultural Heritage Management. We collaborate with the Department of Modern Social History on the Bachelor, Masters and Teacher Education programmes in history.

Our professional environment is active in developing high quality teaching and education. We participate in a European Union funded Jean Monnet module, which is a European collaborative project for student active learning about the EU; the Department has an employee with the status as a ‘Meritorious Teacher’ and the academic community has had several projects under the umbrella ‘NTNU Top Teaching.’ Two of our staff are recent recipients of the Faculty of Humanities Student Award by ‘Best Lecturer’.

The Department has a great deal of research activity and our staff excel internationally in many disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields and through a variety of research networks. One of our employees is an Honorary Professor at Durham University, one of Britain’s leading universities, and we have staff who have received research funding and research stays at various institutions including at the prestigious Center for Advanced Studies in Oslo, a center for outstanding research. One of our researchers has won the Verbruggen Prize for Best Works in Medieval Military History; another is a Global Fellow with the Washington, D.C. based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a leading global non-partisan think tank; while we have another colleague who is a member of The Young Academy of Europe, a body for outstanding young scientists.

Our employees are also actively involved societal engagement and service to the profession. One of our professors has contributed to the Norwegian government's investigation into agreements with the EU while another has played a significant role in the design of the 22 July Center and was an advisor in the development of Utøya after the terror attack on 22 July 2011. One of our archaeologists has been the project manager for the NTNU Science Museum's archaeological excavations at Ørland Kampflybase from 2015 - 2019.