Excellent teaching practitioner

Excellent teaching practitioner

Pedagogical merit

Excellent teaching practitioner

Excellent teaching practitioner highlight the value of efforts to develop good teaching in higher education. Insight into the factors that improve students’ learning outcomes is important for work on the quality of education at NTNU. 

Applicant, manager or a student? Here you will get help writing an application, access to all attachments and information about upcoming webinars etc.



Leads to information for teachers on how to apply for status as an excellent teaching practioner.

Apply for the status of an excellent teaching practitioner

Application assistance, formal requirements and all attachments you need for your application.

Application support

Watch video: Excellent teaching practitioner

Leads to information for peer review excellent teaching practitioner

Peer review excellent teaching practitioner


Peer review process in autumn 2023.

Leads to information for managers about pedagogical merit

Information for leaders

Leader's tasks, how to identify current candidates and templates for attachments.



Important dates

Important dates

Call for applications 1 March
Deadline 31 August
Announcement December
See time schedule

Excellent teaching



If you have any questions, please contact merittering@ntnu.no