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Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience

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Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience

The Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience (CISaR) research group's mission is to support the private and public sector to prepare for and respond correctly to security incidents involving critical infrastructure in Norway. We focus on knowledge and capacity building through research, education, and training.

Critical infrastructure is an asset or system which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions. In Norway, Communication networks; electric power; water and wastewater; transportation; oil and gas infrastructure; and satellite communications are defined as critical infrastructure.

The security and resilience of national infrastructure has become a part of national security and critical infrastructure security and resilience has emerged as a field of great interest for research in cyber security.

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We aim to disseminate our research results to the scientific community through scientific publications. We publish at the highest international level.

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CISaR projects


Our research activity is organised around the following research projects.


CISaR partners


Research and business partners associated with our research group.

Research partners

Within these projects and other educational and research activities the CISaR group maintains strategic partnerships with more than 200 organizations, both nationally and internationally, from academia, government, and industry.

Our master students have a skill set that results in them having little difficulty in getting employed in Gjøvik, the rest of Norway, or abroad.

CISaR infrastructure


The CISaR group works towards the establishment and continuous development of a Cyber-physical systems security Lab in collaboration with the Norwegian Cyber Range, MANULAB, the National Smart Grid Laboratory, and other key stakeholders.

CISaR master topics

Topics for BSc and MSc theses

We supervise BSc and MSc thesis topics in the following areas:

  • Cyber physical systems security
  • Critical Infrastructure security
  • Network security
  • Autonomous systems security
  • Security Awareness