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Human activity has significantly altered the geology of our planet. Climate change and human engagement with it will determine the future of life on Earth. The urgency of this predicament, although widely perceived and lamented, has yet to yield the kind of global consensus-based actions that existing science tells us will be necessary to reverse, slow, or even successfully adapt to the changes to our world already underway. The concept of the Anthropocene increasingly figures in humanities reaserch, as more scholars join this vast transdisciplinary project to give this topic its due. Momentum is building among the myriad research fields comprising the environmental humanities, where scholars and students have exciting new opportunities to lend our expertise to the work already occupying many of our colleagues in the social and natural sciences. 

We in the humanities know that narratives are not merely instruments of direct, objective communication. We are proficient in the language of stories: we bring our knowledge of aesthetics, representation, and emotional engagement to this endeavor. The stories we tell about our world are important and deserve all the tools at our disposal as we work to shape a sustainable future. Environmental Humanities at NTNU seeks to establish a network for environmental humanities scholars across the disciplines and departments of our institution, and to enable and support the developement of research beyond NTNU. Part of our task in the environmental humanities is to emphasize that the environment is not only a backdrop for human activities, and thus we are also interested in widening the notion of storytelling to make space for the perspectives of non-humans sharing the planet with us. The group also aims to build bridges from academia to the public arena, and to contribute to telling more varied stories about human relationships with the environment and other species.

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Contributions by the Environmental Humanities Reaserach Group

NTNU Ocean Week 2019

We are happy to announce that we were represented at the NTNU Ocean Week 2019.

On day 1, May 6th, Julia Leyda and Hanna Musiol made presentations in the "Other voices - Other Stories" sessions. 

  • Time:.14.25 - Julia Leyda; Oil, Ocean and the Climate Unconscious in Norwegian scripted television.
  • Time: 16.05 - Hanna Musiol; On art, technology and the ocean.

For the complete programme, visit NTNU Ocean Week 2019's homepage here.

Link to registration for for Ocean Week you will find here.

Call for applications

PhD Position in Environmental Humanities

– Deadline: March 5th, 2019

The Faculty of Humanities at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, Trondheim) offers a full-time 3-year PhD position, to be based in the Departments of Art and Media Studies and/or the Department of Language and Literature.

The PhD position is connected to the strategic research area NTNU Oceans, through the pilot programme Responsible Ocean Research and Innovation (HAVANSVAR). The PhD candidate will here be part of a substantial network of interdisciplinary scholarship addressing ethical, cultural, political, economic, narrative and historical dimensions of the marine environment. Further information can be found here (NTNU OCEANS)

For full job description and information about the application process, go to 

NTNU Kalvskinnet: Suhmhuset Auditorium

Anthropocene Stories: A Humanities Symposium

– 28 September 2018, 10:00 - 16:00


This one-day public symposium brings together scholars from film and media studies, literary studies, performance studies, and visual culture to share their current research on contemporary humanities responses to the Anthropocene. Specifically, the participants will discuss their work analyzing the discourses and aesthetics surrounding narratives about climate change, extreme weather, extractivism, extinctions, and the Arctic.


Nassim Balestrini, University of Graz
Anne Gjelsvik, IKM, NTNU
Julia Leyda, IKM, NTNU
Hanna Musiol, ISL, NTNU
Diane Negra, University College Dublin
Julia Peck, University of Gloucestershire

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Organized by NTNU Environmental Humanities Research Group, with support from NTNU Department of Art and Media Studies, NTNU Sustainability, and NTNU Oceans.