Julia Leyda

Associate Professor of Film Studies

Department of Art and Media Studies Faculty of Humanities
+47 73591841
Bygg 8, 8441, Dragvoll, (Edvard Bulls veg 1, 7491 Trondheim)

Background and activities

Research Interests in Cinema and Television Studies

  • cli-fi (climate fiction) and screen cultures of the Anthropocene
  • financialization of domestic space
  • intersectional feminist theory and criticism
  • aesthetics and affects of cuteness
  • Hollywood cinema and popular culture
  • Todd Haynes

Research Plans 2018

This year I plan to move forward my two in-progress monographs: 

  • The Cultural Affordances of Cli-Fi: 21st-Century Scenarios of Climate Futures. This book will place the newly minted category “cli-fi” in the broader context of fiction, films, and television programming that tackle a constellation of topics related to environmentalism and sustainability. I argue that cli-fi offers a new set of representational possibilities through its combination of generic flexibility and media buzz. In notable ways setting itself apart from earlier offerings, cli-fi speaks to twenty-first-century concerns and contexts. This research can provide insight not only into the topic of climate change but also the “structures of feeling” that circulate around it. 
  • Home Economics: The Financialization of Domestic Space. This book brings together film and media studies work on the recession with the relatively new field of critical finance studies to fill a gap in current scholarship on the representations of home at the turn of the twenty-first century. Taking as a point of departure that the recession was as much a cultural crisis it was an economic one, as Mark Hayward argues, it investigates the housing bubble and crash through in-depth analyses of a wide range of representations in screen culture. It takes up US television, film, and new media in an examination of how these forms contribute to the ongoing twenty-first-century reconfiguration of discourses of home and family within the context of the housing crisis and its aftermath. 


In the Media

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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