Gastroenterology and Inflammation

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Gastroenterology and Inflammation

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Our goal is high-quality activity to increase the understanding of pathological mechanisms aiming to improve patient treatment.

Unit for Gastroenterology and Inflammation involves different professions with a wide range of competence and with affiliation with several Clinics at St. Olavs hospital, CEMIR and NTNU NanoLab. Included is also the Genomic Core Facility (GCF) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We provide teaching and conduct both molecular, translational and clinical research within the research fields gastrointestinal surgery, basic and clinical gastroenterology, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), microphysiological immune systems (nanomedicine), and cancer research with systems biology for precision cancer medication and the role of tumour microenvironment in metastasis.

The Unit for Gastroenterology and Inflammation (GF) is mainly located at the Gastro Centre (north) at Campus Øya in Trondheim.

Research groups

International NTNU Symposium on Clinical Biomarkers of Cancer 2021_IKOM


Unit leader

Torunn Bruland
Researcher, Co Leader CAG-IBD, Unit leader for Gastroenterology and Inflammation

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   Magnus Steigedal
   Head of Department


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