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During the study group the following problems were discussed:

Problem 1 (SalMar - Norway)

Weight calculations in salmon farming and how to deal with measurement uncertainty

The goal is to predict the average weight of the fish during production in sea phase and the slaughter weight and weight distribution.

Problem 2 (EFD Induction - Norway)

Non-isothermal induction tempering problem

The goal is to find an optimal strategy for induction tempering process providing an acceptable hardness gradient in hardened steel parts.

Problem 3 (Helse Stavanger HF - Norway)

Improving safety of patients with total hip arthroplasty by minimizing technical errors with preoperative digital templating

The project aims at improving current semi-automatic templating tools for planning and real time support of total hip arthroplasty based on standard 2D X-ray images.

Problem 4 (Elkem - Norway)

Dynamic mechanical model of electrodes in smelting furnaces

The task is to develop a model of the forces applied to the different parts of an electrode during movement up and down in the furnace. The hydraulic electrode holder system will be a part of the study.