Department of Mathematical Sciences

Members of the geometry & topology group

Permanent faculty

Gereon Quick
homotopy theory and its applications in algebraic and arithmetic geometry
Claudia Scheimbauer
links between algebraic topology and mathematical physics: functorial field theories (e.g. TFTs, relative field theories), cobordism categories, higher categorical structures, factorization algebras, and derived algebraic geometry
Markus Szymik
relations between topology, algebra, geometry, number theory, K-theory, representation theory, and computations
Marius Thaule
cobordism categories, topological field theories, abstract homotopy theory, higher order category theory and higher dimensional triangulated categories


Glen Wilson
motivic homotopy theory, stable homotopy groups of spheres, K-theory, homological algebra, computer assisted Ext group calculations

PhD students

Håvard Bakke Bjerkevik
topological data analysis, stability of persistence modules, with advisors Nils Baas and Gereon Quick
Knut Bjarte Haus
(abstract) homotopy theory, and geometry, with advisor Gereon Quick
Erik Hermansen
topological data analysis, applied algebraic topology, computational neuroscience, with advisors Nils Baas and Benjamin Dunn
Erik Rybakken
applied algebraic topology, persistent homology, computational topology, topological data analysis, with advisors Nils Baas and Gereon Quick
Paul Trygsland

Master students

Eivind Otto Hjelle
advisor Gereon Quick


Nils Baas
Idar Hansen
Finn Faye Knudsen
Eldar Straume

Former faculty

Bjørn Dundas
Andrew Stacey

Former postdocs and PhDs

Magnus Bakke Botnan
PhD 2015 with advisor Nils Baas
Haaken Annfelt Moe
PhD 2012 with advisor Nils Baas
Truls Bakkejord Ræder
PhD 2017 with advisor Markus Szymik
Mahdi Khajeh Salehani
PhD 2011 with advisor Eldar Straume
Alexander Schmeding
Former Postdoc
Gard Spreemann
PhD 2015 with advisor Nils Baas
Lars Sydnes
PhD 2012 with advisor Eldar Straume
Marius Thaule
PhD 2009 with advisor Nils Baas and former Postdoc
Richard Williamson
Former Postdoc

Former students

Tor Barstad
Bachelor's Degree
Peter Marius Flydal
Bachelor's Degree (advisor Markus Szymik)
Tobias Grøsfjeld
Master's Degree (advisor Markus Szymik)
Therese Mardal Hagland
Master's Degree
Andreas Hamre
Bachelor's Degree 2015 (advisor Markus Szymik)
Knut Bjarte Haus
Master's Degree (advisor Gereon Quick)
Erik Hermansen
Master's Degree (advisor Nils Baas)
Adrián Javaloy
Bachelor's Degree (advisor Markus Szymik)
Tina Malen Lybekk
Bachelor's Degree
Haaken Annfelt Moe
Master's Degree
Espen Auseth Nielsen
Master's Degree 2015 (advisor Nils Baas)
Marte Lovise Nilsen
Master's Degree
Erik Rybakken
Master's Degree
Reidun Persdatter Ødegaard
Master's Degree 2015 (advisors Markus Szymik and Richard Williamson)
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