White Paper “Transforming the Arctic future with Artificial Intelligence: A Norwegian Perspective”

The first white paper from the steering committee

This white paper is the first in which the members of the Artificial Intelligence and Data science for the Arctic (AIDing Arctic) steering committee present their views on addressing the future of the Arctic with the help of artificial intelligence.

This originates from two-day discussion sessions with academia, government, and engaged citizens held during 2021.

Herein and below the term ‘artificial intelligence’ includes machine learning (deep learning, predictive analytics), natural language processing (translation, classification and clustering, information extraction), speech recognition (speech to text, text to speech), expert systems, planning scheduling and optimization robotics, vision (image recognition, machine vision). 

Face Arctic challenges, join us!

We invite all Arctic stakeholders including the public in general and any interested party to react to the opinions presented and contribute to shaping future research priorities. 

Read the full paper here (PDF) 

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Organizing and steering committee members

Organizing and steering committee members

  • Arthur Mason, NTNU
  • Ekaterina Kim, NTNU
  • Jon Hellevang, GCE Ocean Technology
  • Kerstin Bach, NTNU
  • Knut Vilhelm Høyland, NTNU/UNIS
  • Laurent Bertino, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC)
  • María Azucena Gutiérrez González, NTNU
  • Marianne Jansson Bjerkman, Cluster for Applied AI, Smart Innovation Norway
  • Martin Ludvigsen, NTNU/UNIS
  • Nick Hughes, The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET)
  • Sachin Gaur, Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA)
  • Siri Granum Carson, NTNU
  • Øyvind Mikkelsen, NTNU/UNIS