Background and activities

I went on formal engineering education at Peter the Great Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg. After spending one year on Svalbard, I discovered a passion for ice mechanics and Arctic engineering research. This brought me to Norway and came to Trondheim in 2010 to pursue a Ph.D. degree at NTNU. Since 2017, I work as an Associate Professor at the NTNU’s Department of Marine Technology. Most of my time is spent on research, but I am also an artist. One of my most noticeable artworks was exhibited in various cities and cataloged at the Kinder-Kunst-Museum in Berlin. I also make book covers and illustrations.



I am increasingly interested in interdisciplinary research addressing fundamental Arctic challenges. For instance, how physical processes discovered in laboratory tests at a small scale (mm-scale) relate to those observed at the engineering scale (m-km scale). Can one make sense of the current engineering standards in view of fundamental principles of material science? What is the relation between ship speed and risks from a human- and(or) system-based point of view? How can AI assist humans in extreme environments? How to prevent accidents in icy waters?

My current research interests include learning from the past ocean data and solving limitations of new technologies (artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence, transfer learning, etc.) using the northernmost regions as a testbed.



TMR4190 - Finite Element Methods in Structural Analysis (from Autumn 2020)

TMR4565 - Marin Systems Design, Specialization Course (Autumn 2021)

TBA4260 - Ice Actions on Arctic Structures - Local ice loads on floating structures (from Autumn 2018)

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