News and events at the Department of Marine Technology in 2020

News and events at the Department of Marine Technology in 2020

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NTNU AMOS annual report for 2020 is ready

The NTNU AMOS annual report for 2020 is out. You can read it here.

Professor Martin Ludvigsen receives prestigious award

​​​​​​​​The IEEE OES Autonomous Maritime Systems Rising Star Award for 2020 has been awarded to Martin Ludvigsen at the Department of Marine Technology and NTNU AMOS.​​​​


IMT to participate in major new research centre on offshore wind

NTNU and SINTEF will partner up in the newly funded FME NorthWind research centre, which will develop competitive offshore wind farms within ten years.

Equinor's Dudgeon offshore wind park. Equinor is one of the industry partners in NorthWind. Photo: Jan Arne Wold, Equinor

Norwegian high-school students to gather ocean data for NTNU and partners

NTNU, SINTEF, Equinor and several other partners will over the next 4 years spend more than 2.2 million NOK on a new teaching program for Norwegian High-School students. The students will develop platforms that can measure and gather ocean data such as temperature, information about waves, and salinity. The collected data will be used by researchers at SINTEF and NTNU.

Underwater drone made by students at a previous Ocean Space Race competition.

New test method for ocean wind turbines

Researchers at the Department of Marine Technology and SINTEF have developed a new test method that can help reduce the price of offshore wind energy production, and hopefully make Norwegian offshore wind investments even more viable.

Research cruising in the Barents Sea: When Murphy Wins

What happens when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong? That is the topic for Tore Mo-Bjørklund's recent blog post.

Upside-down mooring, with a cod, silently mocking the scientists. (Photo: Tore Mo-Bjørkelund)

AMOS director in podcast

AMOS Director, Professor Asgeir Sørensen, has participated in the first Technoport Podcast. Listen to what he had to say about Norway's maritime potential, cybernetics, Greta Thunberg and how to start real change and progress here.

Technoport Podcast. Illustration.

New Vista center grant to NTNU’s autonomous underwater robotics research

The Norwegian Science Academy (DNVA) and Equinor are providing 25 million NOK to a new research center at NTNU. The center will increase our knowledge of the ocean by developing new underwater-robotics technology.

Subsea charging and docking plate. Illustration

The Ocean Space Project gets 40 million NOK in the 2021 Norwegian national budget

The new promise of funding from the Norwegian government ensures that the project will not suffer any delays in the coming year.

People in the waterbasin. Photo.
Head of department Professor Sverre Steen with research director at SINTEF Dariusz Eirik Fathi, senior resarch scientist at SINTEF Thomas Michel Sauder, deputy CEO at SINTEF Digital Merete Øverli Moldestad, and Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation, Linda Hofstad Helleland. Photo: Sigmund G. Bolme

NTNU now owns one of the world’s most advanced underwater drones

NTNU have bought a six-meter-long snake-drone. The drone is made by Eelume and will be tested and operated in the Trondheim fjord.

Underwater drone. Photo.
Photo: Pål Liljebäck

Professor Utne is part of the Norwegian Government's Cruise-commitee

Professor Ingrid B. Utne at the Department of Marine Technology has been selected for the Norwegian Government’s Cruise-committee. Professor Utne is an expert on risk and safety in shipping and maritime operations.

Presentation by Ingrid Utne. Photo.
Professor Ingrid B.Utne lecturing on shipping safety at Ocean Week 2019. Photo: Sigmund Bolme

The Department of Marine Technology participates in three new SFIs

The Norwegian Research Council has created several new Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFIs), three of which will be connected to the research groups at the Department of Marine technology.

Photo of the building where the department of Marine Technology is located.

The Arctic Sea - the new sea

In recent articles at Aftenposten and Fiskeri and Havbruk, Director of NTNU AMOS and professor at the Department of Marine Technology, Asgeir Sørensen, writes about how changing climate presents considerable challenges for arctic areas.

Båt arktis. Photo: Asgeir Sørensen
Photo: Asgeir Sørensen

Amir R. Nejad is voted "best lecturer of the year"

Professor Amir R. Nejad has been voted best lecturer for 2019-2020 by the students at the Department of Marine Technology.

Photo of Amir R. Nejad.

Teaching and studying from home

Due to the shutdowns of the Corona pandemic, the Department of Marine Technology has gone from in-person lectures to digital teaching. While different, and at times challenging, both students and educators are pleased with how well the new methods work.

Empty classroom. Photo.
The auditoriums at the Department of Marine Technology stands empty.

Winners of this year's Ocean Space Race

Due to the Global Coronavirus pandemic, the Ocean Space Race final was sadly cancelled this year. Despite of this we are very impressed with the effort of the participants, and the OSR judges have picked the winners based on the project reports that the groups submitted.  

Ocean Space Race logo.

Department annual report 2019

The 2019 annual report for the Department of Marine Technology is ready. The report gives you relevant information about publications, activity and projects. You can find it here.

Book Cover Annual Report 2019.

NTNU marine technology helps map the biology of the Arctic

NTNU ocean survey technology, operated by professor Martin Ludvigsen's AUR-team, has helped researchers at UiT Norges arktiske universitet survey hydrocarbon seeps in the Arctic Oceans.

Underwater illustration.

NTNU AMOS annual report 2019 is ready

The NTNU AMOS annual report for 2019 is out. You can read it here.

Cover NTNU Amos annual report 2019.

Into the Dark

The research conducted at NTNU AMOS is opening new ways of understanding the world, but knowledge is only useful if people are aware of it, and when you want to reach a larger audience, what better way than to make a movie?

boat in the dark. photo.

Turtle robots are less stressful for farmed salmon

turtle robot. photo.

Researchers at NTNU AMOS, in collaboration with researchers at the Talinn University of Technology and the Estonian University of Life Science, have shown how "turtle robots" are less intrusive to the salmon in Norwegian fish farms. 

Moan-Faltinsen Best Paper Award 2019

Senthuran Ravinthrakumar at NTNU received the Moan-Faltinsen Best Paper Award on Marine Hydrodynamics 2019 during the IMT Department Christmas Lunch on December 20, 2019.

Group photo
From the left: Professor Torgeir Moan, Head of Department Professor Sverre Steen, Senthuran Ravinthrakumar, Professor Odd Magnus Faltinsen, Professor Zhen Gao.

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