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Debate about a sustainable ocean economy and Ocean Space Centre at Arendalsuka

Watch the debate on YouTube. (In Norwegian.)

Podkast om offshore vind på Teknisk sett / Podcast about offshore wind - Teknisk sett

Erin Bachynski-Polić (right) with the journalists. Photo: Maren Agdestein

Hvor langt har vi kommet med å løse utfordringene med flytende havvind og konstruksjoner? lurer Teknisk Ukeblads journalister i podkasten Teknisk sett. / How far is it till we have solved the challenges regarding floating wind and constructions?

Podcast om flytende soløyer / Podcast in Norwegian about floating solar

Trygve Kristiansen in the middle. Photo: Maren Agdestein

Hva ville skjedd om man klarte å dekke mellom 5-10 prosent av verdens eksisterende vannreservoarer med flytende solceller? / What would happen if you covered 5-10 percent of the existing water reservoirs in the world with floating solar?

Kate Crosman blog: Home of the Northernmost magic

My first expedition to Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, was about observing, absorbing, and participating in big data collection in action. The trip was months delayed due to the pandemic. And it was absolutely magic.

Guest lecture by Professor Jing Sun

Professor Jing Sun, University of Michigan is visiting NTNU AMOS this spring. Jing is indeed a world leading professor. She will give three lectures in May and June. 

Key researcher in AMOS wins award

Geir Johnsen, Professor in marin biology, communication award picture

Geir Johnsen, Professor at the Department of Biology, wins the award Communicator of the year 2022 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) at NTNU.

NTNUs first research satellite on a mission in the Arctic

Illustration of HYPSO-1 orbiting the earth

The small satellite HYPSO-1, built by more than 80 students and researchers at NTNU AMOS, the Department of Engineering Cybernetics and the Department of Electronic Systems –  and other departments, has participated in several research missions already.

2022 AMOS Seminar

Skifer Hotel Oppdal. Photo: Sven-Erik KnoffAMOS Seminar 1-2 June 2022 at Skifer Hotel Oppdal.

The worst polluters in the Arctic

Ekaterina Kim, Associate Professor at IMT

Ekaterina Kim, Associate Professor at IMT, has conducted a study which shows that gas tankers are responsible for nearly 30 percent of all CO2 emissions from ship traffic in the Arctic.

Eventyreren som bytta til marin teknikk

Sindre Kolbjørnsgard (26) har vært på fem av verdens høyeste topper og har gått Norge på langs. Til våren fullfører han en femårig utdanning og går ut som sivilingeniør fra marin teknikk på NTNU. Hva er drivkraften?

Tired of Netflix and HBO? Watch Marintekniske dager 2022 on YouTube!

The edited versions of the seminar is out on the departmens YouTube-channel. All together 6,5 hours of marine technology. 

A milestone in green shipping

Egil Ulvan Rederi AS is about to build the worlds first zero emission cargo ship. "A milestone for the maritime industry," Mehdi Zadeh, ass. professor at IMT, said to NRK. 

The last AMOS annual report is here

AMOS last annual report contains features and profiles of the professors Geir Johnsen, Marilena Greco and Kostas Alexis, and the PhD Evelyn Honoré-Livermore, postdoc Kate Crosman an researcher Glaucia Fragoso. 


The presentations at Marintekniske dager 2022

Et bilde som inneholder tekst

Automatisk generert beskrivelse

March 16–17 2022 our department had a lunch-to-lunch seminar with strong speakers. You  find the presentations in PDF here. 

Marintekniske dager 2022 - program

March 16-17th Department of Marine Technology invited the maritime industry to a lunch-to-lunch seminar - Marintekniske dager (MTD) with strong speakers and a nice 3-course dinner the 16th - the same week as Mannhullet celebrated its 105 years jubilee. 

HYPSO-1 celebration

Celebration of HYPSO-1 upper left - Tor Arne Johansen, upper right Ingrid Schjølberg, down left Evelyn Honore-Livermore and down right: Simon.Celebration of HYPSO-1 and time to say some words: Professor Tor Arne Johansen (upper left), Dean Ingrid Schjølberg (upper right), PhD Evelyn Honore-Livermore (down left) and master student Simon (down right).

A $2 million prize for subterranean robots

CERBERUS dog robot

 Photo: Team CERBERUS

Team Cerberus has won a highly prestigious international competition with their subterranean robots, competing against top-ranked challengers. The group is headed by NTNU professor Kostas Alexis.

AMOS collaboration in scientific report in Nature

The fish ability to accelerate and suddenly turn in fast maneuvers, is the title of the scientific report featured in Nature from March 23, with researchers from Sapienza University of Rome, Harbin Engineering University in China and NTNU AMOS.

Memorandum of understanding signed between MI Memorial in Canada and IMT NTNU in Norway

Dr. Rob Shea, vice-president of Memorial University - Marine Institute

Dr. Rob Shea, vice-president of Memorial University (Marine Institute). Photo: MI

A marine memorandum of understanding was signed March 21 between the Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University and the Department of Marine Technology (IMT) at NTNU.

Historical launch of Norwegian small satellite

Photo: SpaceX

HYPSO-1, the first research satellite from the NTNU SmallSatLab launched Thursday 13.01.22, at 10:25 EST (16:25 Norwegian time) with a SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter-3 from Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 40 in Florida, USA.