Job Interview VR

Job Interview VR

The Job Interview VR app is been developed by IMTEL Lab as part of the Virtual Internship project.

Job interview situation in VR. Illustration.

About the app

The Job interview VR app provides an immersive experience of a job interview. The app can be used to train and prepare for a job interview.  The simulation is based on a scenario that contains 12 main questions and 14 additional comments or questions that appear optionally depending on the answers to the main questions. In the interview scenario, the user takes the role of the job candidate and goes through a typical job interview. The interviewer appears in a typical office room, captured in a 360-video format from the point of view of the user. The app does not provide much guidance and instruction on how to perform at a job interview. Instead, the user is immersed in this situation and must react to it by answering questions from the interviewer. It is possible to record the sound of the answers provided by the user, to make the experience of the situation more realistic and to allow self-assessment and reflection by enabling playback of the entire interview.

This is how you use the app

The app provides job interview preparation and training experience. A job seeker can go through the job interview simulation answering to the questions aloud, so that the voice is recorded. The job seeker can review the recording alone or with a counselor.

Conditions and Privacy

This app provides only a simulation of a typical job interview. The questions and reactions of the filmed interviewer may not be the same as at an actual job interview.
Be aware that the app records all sound during the simulated job interview. The app requests access to the microphone of the user’s device only to record the voice of the user while the app is in use. The sound recording is stored locally on the device while the app is in use. The app does not store the recording after the app is closed. The app does not transmit the recordings over the Internet.

The app does not access the user's personal data stored on the phone. The app does not access the user's location data. The app does not access the user's IP address. The app does not collect data about the user’s device.

The app is being continuously developed. Functions and content can be altered without a warning. The developer does not take any responsibility for use, errors or loss of user data.

Questions about the app or technical issues can be addressed to: Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland,


Concept and leadership: Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland (NTNU) and Heidi Fossen (NAV)

Technical concept and coordination: Mikhail Fominykh (NTNU)

Scenario: Marit Jaastad (NAV), Heidi Fossen (NAV), and Mikhail Fominykh (NTNU)

Developers: Bjørn Jacobsen, Thomas Bruvold, Magnus Winther Warvik, Petter Bakkan Johansen, and Jonas Bjordal (all NTNU).