The Field of Oral Surgery

Department of neuromediscine

The Field of Oral Surgery

The subject area of oral surgery is managed by personell located at the department of oral and facial surgery at St Olav’s Hospital, which consists of a out-patient clinic, surgery unit and dental team.

Work areas:

  • Dentoalveolar surgery: Retained and redundant teeth, root tip amputations, cysts and tumors in jaws and facial skeleton.
  • Implants: Insertion of tooth implants in cases of tooth prosthetic rehabilitation.
  • Injury surgery: Face, jaw and tooth injuries.
  • Orthognathic surgery: Surgery on overbite and underbite
  • Plastic surgery on the head and neck area due to cancer or other changes. Microvascular and recontstructive surgery. Scar corrections and the like.
  • Internal out-patient clinic: Presurgical assessment prior to for example kidney and heart surgery that may lead to surgical removal of teeth due to risk of infection from these. Assessment prior to radiation treatment on the head and neck area to remove teeth that can cause infections.
  • The dental team primarily offers a comprehensive examination and tooth treatment of patients with cancer in the head and neck area.

Research projects within jaw and facial surgery

  • Endoscopic sialscopy of the large salivary glands. The method simultaneously provides possibilities for diagnosis and therapy of sialolithiasis (salivary stones) and other obstructive salivary gland diseases (sialoadenitis). Collaboration with the ENT department.
  • Examine local side-effects of radiation therapy in patients with oropharyngeal cancer as a basis to improve quality of life during treatment and reduce radiation related complications. Collaboration with the Cancer Department.
  • Patients with jaw joint problems is a very heterogenous and growing group of patients. Many people have symptoms and ailments that justify treatment. Increasing knowledge about which patients benefit from manual therapy rather than, or as supplement to primary surgical intervention is sought in collaberation with manual therapist.