Research unit for ear-nose-throat, oral surgery and eye diseases

Department of neuromedicine and movement science

Research unit for ear-nose-throat, oral surgery and eye diseases

The research unit is multidisciplinary and researches the senses smell, taste, hearing, balance and sight. We are the same research unit in the university as in the hospital and could have had the name the sensory clinic instead of the complex ear-nose-throat, oral surgery and eye diseases.

Our research is within these fields

The common denominator for researchers in the unit is that all are employed both by the university and the hospital. We are clinicians and our research is clinical and patient-centered. We wish to understand basic mechanisms of diseases and risk factors that come into play. We further seek evidence-based knowledge about the medical and surgical treatment we offer and how it affects the individual patient, for the health services and society. Our patients and study participants are of all ages, from premature infants to the elderly.

Part of the research is innovation-oriented and includes the development of surgical equipment and services with the aim of improving function, treatment and minimizing costs for the health service. Alongside St. Olav's hospital, our most important partners are the primary health care service, Trøndelag county municipality, other hospitals in the region and nationally, and research groups at the several institutes at NTNU.

We have responsibility for education in ear-nose-throat, oral surgery and eye diseases in the medical field and in several courses of health bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The group also supervises medical, master’s and Ph.D. students.

Vision: "Research and innovation for excellent patient care".