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The Eye Research Group

Our research comprises both basic research and clinical studies. In addition, education of medical doctors is our focus area. We are located at Nevrosenteret.

Research projects

Metabolic processes in the eye

Our research is focussed on metabolic mechanism in the anterior segment of the eye occurring as a result of diseases, ageing, environmental and nutritional influence. High resolution NMR spectroscopy has been successfully applied to study metabolic profiles of cornea aqueous humour and lens. Intact tissue samples from cornea and lens were examined with MAS NMR spectroscopy. Application of new quantitative methods, and focus on clinical applications of NMR spectroscopy is part of this project.

Head of research: Professor Anna Midelfart, MD, MSc, PhD

Refractive errors in the eye

This project focuses on the aetiology, epidemiology, biometry, correction and clinical impact of refractive errors in the eye with the main focus on myopia. A new laboratory with modern equipment including PENTACAM is operative in our new hospital facilities. Refractive data collected in the epidemiological study HUNT II in two population groups in Nord Trøndelag is currently analysed with focus on age and gender differences. A study of refractive errors among children in Nord-Trøndelag county (HUNT III) started in 2008.

Clinical ophthalmological studies

This research area includes clinical studies focusing mainly on neuroophthalmology. At present time, visual field defects of patients with epilepsy treated previously with vigabatrin are evaluated.

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