Goals for GeMS 2025

Goals for GeMS 2025

– Research


  1. Our multidisciplinary research groups cooperate closely and benefit from one another's knowledge and abilities.

  2. We are a nationally leading and internationally significant research environment in human movement analysis. Our methods are used to answer basic (translation) and applied movement-related issues for optimisation of movement and function. ​​​​​​​

  3. We take advantage of our proximity to the department of geriatrics and the department of stroke, St Olav's Hospital, and Trondheim municipality to develop new methods for emergency treatment, rehabilitation, prevention of function impairment and holistic patient care for those with geriatric issues and stroke.

  4. We are leading in research on cognitive function and the connection between physical and mental function in the aging population.

  5. We are a key player in a centre for ground breaking research or innovation with a focus on mobile sensor technology to register, monitor and improve health and performance.

  6. We take advantage of our proxximity to the health sector and technology environments in development of digital solutions for sharing of knowledge and health information, and new technological solutions promoting good health and function.

  7. We are a leading research environments in technique, physical capacity and performance within norwegian elite sports for healthy performers and performers with disabilities.