Geriatrics, eHealth, Movement and Stroke (GeMS)

Department of neuroscience

Geriatrics, eHealth, Movement and Stroke (GeMS)

– Better function for a better life
Photo of members of the research group
Photo: Kim Sørenssen/NTNU

The Research Unit for Geriatrics, eHealth, Movement and Stroke (GeMS) is a multidisciplinary unit with the purpose of research and education within four different fields:

The research span from knowledge about basic mechanics to understand disease and movement to clinical issues with our target groups.

The theme of the research is prevention, treatment and rehabilitation with a focus on improved function. This involves but is not limited to research in pathophysiology and underlying mechanisms for physical, cognitive and mental function, and significance of physical activity for health. We have defined seven goals for the research moving towards 2025.

Part of the research is innovative and include such as welfare technology and health informatics. The research is done in close cooperation with professional practice. Our most important local partners are Olympiatoppen, St Olav’s Hospital, and Trondheim Municipality.

We are responsible for bachelor’s education in human movement science, international master’s in Physical activity and health, coach education within elite sports, and education about aging, geriatrics and stroke in the medicine education. The group also give guidance to master’s and Ph.D. students and arrange several Ph.D. courses.

We wish to contribute with knowledge leading to better physical and mental function in our target groups. Therefore, our vision is: Better function for a better life.

Movement-related disorders image

The research into movement-related disorders at INM is in association with the motion analysis laboratories where movement and gait patterns can be analysed in detail. (Illustration photo)

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