Department of Neuroscience


Neurology is a clinical discipline that includes diseases of the nervous system and of the muscles. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, dementia, polyneuropathy, migraines and other headaches, back and neck pain, sleeping disorders and myasthenia gravis are all examples of important neurological diseases.

The unit has a strong research tradition in the study of headache, linked to Ottar Sjaastad, a former NTNU professor who was an international pioneer in this field. This effort is now a part of the Norwegian National Headache Centre.

A number of the unit's doctors are involved in the HUNT 3 research project, which includes several research questions related to neurology, such as headache, muscle or skeletal pain, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, sleep disturbances, alcohol dependency and memory. Professors Knut Hagen and Lars Jacob Stovner, both with the Norwegian National Headache Centre, have important roles in the HUNT 3 research project. Hagen is the head of the neurology section of HUNT 3 and Stovner is head of the MR HUNT project.

Under the auspices of Professor and Chief Physician Jan Aasly, the unit has undertaken extensive research over a number of years on Parkinson's disease and dementia. This research, which addresses both clinical and genetic issues, has taken place in close cooperation with the Mayo Clinic's Neurobiological Laboratory in Florida and related groups. These projects are being undertaken as a part of the " TrønderBrain " research effort, and have resulted in several PhDs, fruitful international cooperation and the discovery of new genes that are related to the cause of Parkinson's disease.

Professor Eylert Brodtkorb's research has mainly been related to epilepsy and mental retardation, cerebral deformities as a cause of epilepsy, the organization of care for epileptics, pharmacological and clinical aspects of antiepileptics, along with the genetic mutations that can result in specific epileptic syndromes.

Associate Professor Geir Bråthen has participated in several epilepsy studies, and has also undertaken studies of the neurological effects of alcohol use.

Professor Harald Schrader has conducted numerous epidemiological and clinical studies of sleep disturbances. His most significant achievement has been in taking the initiative for, and leading, epidemiological studies in Lithuania on the effects of moderate head and neck injuries (whiplash injury and concussion). He has also initiated important studies on the use of preventative medicine for headaches, in cooperation with the Norwegian National Headache Centre.

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