Department of Neuroscience


– Dementia and Parkinson's disease in Trøndelag

 Hands. Illustration: iStockTrønderBrain is a research project that aims to:

  • explore the connection between genetic inheritance and the risk of developing dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders
  • elucidate the mechanisms leading to the development of such disorders
  • find new or improved tools to aid early and accurate diagnosis

The project has collected genetic samples amongst the population of Trøndelag, from well over 1000 patients with Parkinson's disease or dementia, of whom most had Alzheimer's disease.

For comparison, genetic samples from a large Control Group without such diseases have also been collected.

Research topics


Parkinson’s disease


Linda WhiteLinda R. White
Project leader and coordinator

Geir BrathenGeir Bråthen
Clinical leader

Sigrid B. SamdoSigrid Botne Sando
Research leader, Alzheimer's disease

Jan AaslyJan Aasly
Research leader, Parkinson’s disease