Industrial Ecology Programme

Industrial Ecology Programme

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    IndEcol is an interdisciplinary research programme specialized in environmental sustainability analysis. About IndEcol


Research highlights

Francesca Verones IPBES author

20.06.2023.  Francesca Verones was selected as lead author for the upcoming IPBES report on Biodiversity and business.This report aims to provide an assessment of the impacts, as well as the dependence, that businesses and biodiversity have.

Edgar Hertwich NTNU prize

21.04.2023. Professor Edgar Hertwich was awarded NTNU 's Prize for research and artistic activity as a recognition for particularly outstanding results and his extensive contribution in the international arena for climate research.


01.03.2023. Net Climate Effects of Moose Browsing in Early Successional Boreal Forests by Integrating Carbon and Albedo Dynamics. New publication co-authored by Xiangping Hu, Cristina Maria Iordan and Francesco Cherubini.


January 2023. The RAINFOREST project will contribute to enabling, upscaling and accelerating transformative change to reduce biodiversity impacts of major food and biomass value chains. Funded by Horizon Europe.

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Industrial Ecology blog


Industrial Ecology blog

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