News about innovation

News about innovation

Here you will find some key news and issues about innovation at NTNU in recent years.

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How universities contribute to innovation

NTNU has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Research to investigate how universities contribute to innovation in business and the public sector. The report "How Universities Contribute to Innovation: A Literature Review-based Analysis" identifies key contributions in the scientific literature and provides insights on political implications. 

One of Europe’s most innovative universities

NTNU is #56 at Reuters’ top 100 list of most innovative universities in Europe. Criteria for the list are total patents filed, success rate and commercial impact.

Knowledge-Based Innovation

NTNU appointed 15 innovation managers to help transform more research into benefits in practice:
NTNU Strategic Programme for Knowledge-Based Innovation (SKI)

Number one ranking in the world

Top marks for NTNU in partnership with a single industry collaborator: SINTEF.


DAMVAD Analytics report Economic impact of research collaborations with NTNU (pdf): Companies that have collaborated with NTNU have experienced an additional revenue growth, created more jobs and have invested more than other comparable companies.