Department of Education and Lifelong Learning

About the department

Department of Teaching and Lifelong Learning is a social science based knowledge community for research, teaching and information.

The department contributes with research-based knowledge on childhood, schools, education and employment in a lifelong perspective.

Our disciplines include teaching, adult learning, academic counselling, childhood studies and educational development.

Teaching is based on perspectives on socialisation, teaching, upbringing, knowledge, learning, motivation and formation.

Adult Learning involves a lifelong learning perspective and the development of multidisciplinary competence on and for persons who wish to work on teaching processes, counseling, organisation and management.

Counselling, consultation and guidance can be seen as an educational science to assist persons, groups or organisations to achieve their growth and development goals.

Childhood studies cover basic and applied long-term research on childhood, and on the activities and conditions of children's lives.

Educational Development covers perspectives on learning and teaching processes in higher education.

The department represents a unique multidisciplinary research environment with evident relevance for researchers, students, practitioners and other actors of society with interests in our disciplines.

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