The 3rd Nordic Metabolomics Conference 2023

The 3rd Nordic Metabolomics Conference 2023

– 18-20 October 2023, Trondheim Norway - #NMetC2023

Statues - detail from Nidarosdomen in Trondheim. Photo: Colourbox

Early Career Workshop

Early Career Workshop


18:00 – Workshop: "Pressure creates diamonds: How to make stress your friend in academia”

20:00 – Walking towards pub through Bakklandet

20:30 – Social pub event at Kieglekroa, Trondheims oldest pub


Portrait photo of Henrik Herrebrøden.
Photo: Ingar Næss/StudioF2

Pressure creates diamonds: How to make stress your friend in academia

Speaker: Henrik Herrebrøden

We keep hearing that stress is bad for us, that it has detrimental effects on our health and well-being. At the same time, every major accomplishment involves stress. Task-related or short-term stress can also help us perform better. But where does the line go, between being stressed in a good way and being stressed in a way that will make you ineffective or even burned out? What are the signals you should look out for, telling you that the stress is getting harmful? This workshop will cover typical stressors in academia and how we may cope with them.

Bio: Henrik Herrebrøden is a researcher, sport psychologist, author, and public speaker. He currently holds a position as an Assistant Professor in Psychology at Kristiania University College. His research has mainly focused on cognitive psychology and high-level sports performance. Over the last few years, he has hosted  workshops for early career academics on various issues related to performance and mental health in academia.