The Computer-Assisted Listening and Speaking Tutor (CALST) is a pronunciation training platform which currently offers exercises for English and for Norwegian. CALST will help you to acquire a basic vocabulary of 1000 words and expressions. There are many vocabulary training programs out there, but CALST also offers specific pronunciation exercises, based on sound phonetic knowledge.

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  • Is pronunciation important?

Absolutely! We most often use a new language in conversations with others. A good pronunciation will make it easier for your conversation partner to understand you, and will help you make a positive first impression, be it in social settings or in a job interview.

  • Pronunciation is a skill

Are you learning a new language, and do you want to work more on your pronunciation? Language courses often pay little attention to pronunciation, because learning the motor skills for new articulations requires repetition. Practice, practice, practice is best done outside of the classroom – as long as you remember to use what you have learnt in real conversations.

  • One size fits all?

Nope. Learners with different native languages meet different challenges. A German learner of English may find it hard to pronounce the first sound in we, while a Chinese learner may find it hard to say zoo instead of Sue. CALST takes your native language into consideration to tailor the exercises specially for you, so that you do not have to waste time and can focus on what may be difficult for you.

  • One for all and all for one

There are still many unsolved questions in language learning. That is why your exercise results are logged and stored anonymously. You thus help to further tailor the exercises for other learners who have the same native language as you. And if a sound is not a problem in one language, you will not get exercises for it in another language you learn later. Be a part of the language learning community, and help to solve the puzzle of language learning.



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This is an awesome project! Thanks for making it! =)

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How do the exercises work?

How do the exercises work?

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