Research at The Department of Language and Literature

Research at The Department of Language and Literature

The department has a vibrant research culture, and research activities span a wide range of disciplines. The staff participate in many different projects, both in Norway and abroad, and are responsible for the interdisciplinary profile of the university. 

The research within linguistics comprises a range of different topics. Research topics include: Theoretical syntax, Phonetics, Semantics/pragmatics, Language documentation, Dialectology, First and Second language acquisition, Language contact, Language mixing, Linguistic identity, Experimental methods in language research and developmental language dissorders, as well as research on signed languages and interpreting.

Research within literature explores a wide variety of topics from many different cultures and eras, and we have specialists working on Nordic, German, French, English (British and American), and Spanish literature, as well as literary theory. 
Within Cultural Studies, research focuses on the political and popular cultures of Francophone, Hispanic, German-language and Anglophone countries across the globe. Exploring a range of sources and media types, researchers apply perspectives from affect theory, memory studies, the history of ideas, postcolonial studies, political history, and media studies.
The communication research has a cross-disciplinary, problem-based approach to the study of oral and written communicative practices. Research is carried out at the Centre for Academic and Professional Communication (SEKOM).


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