Guest lecture with Fender Schrade

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Photo: Liam Schotles, 2011

Guest Lecture:
Fender Schrade, Monday, January 21, 2.00 p.m. / KiT - Seminar Room, Innheredsveien 7 A

An Approach to Concert Sound Engineering

In the talk Fender Schrade will present the interactions between his/her work as a musician and sound engineer as well as her/his gender identity as trans*.
As a concert sound engineer Fender Schrade locates musical performance on the intersections between performing and "hearing" bodies.
He/she works from a strongly subjective and self-situated position in order to make broader statements on the aesthetics of sound engineering.

The lecture will provide insights into the working processes of Fender Schrade through a presentation of selected projects in his/her field of sound engineering, audiovisual design and gender activism.

About Fender Schrade
Fender Schrade (*1972) is a musician and an engineer of audiovisual media working within the field of art and sound. In his_her work practices Fender Schrade reflects binary gender constructions and gender politics.

He/she works within different electronic media such as sound, light and video in the field of performing and visual art, music and sound.
In various stage performances Fender Schrade has collaborated with contemporary choreographers, such as Ismael Ivo and Eric Gauthier in international venues as an audio-visual designer.

Recently, Fender Schrade presented his/her ideas on "concert sound" at the "HerNoise: Feminisms and the Sonic" Symposium at Tate Modern, London, 2012.

Currently living in Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany.

Lecture and Workshop organized by Prof. Regina Möller, NTNU.

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