Submitting abstracts to LCE 2014

Submitting abstracts to LCE 2014

The procedure for submitting papers to LCE 2014 has three main stages.

  1. Submit an abstract on 18 October 2013, at the latest. The abstract should be approximately 100 words. These abstracts will be reviewed to check that the paper will be within the scope of the conference. The authors will be informed about the acceptance of the abstracts no later than 25 October.
  2. For the accepted abstracts, full papers shall be submitted for review by 1 December 2013, at the latest. The peer review result will be sent to the authors as soon as possible thereafter.
    Update by 17 January 2014:
    Due to delays in the reviewing process notifications about paper acceptance will be sent out from now on and at the latest by 10 February 2014.
  3. Camera ready manuscripts for the papers accepted will have to be submitted by 21 February 2014, at the latest.

The papers will be published by Elsevier in the electronic journal Procedia CIRP. This is an online journal that gives the same credits as journals printed the old-fashioned way. Access to electronic journals is better though, therefore this is the way of publishing for the future.

To submit your abstract, please go to the Procedia CIRP EES website

Here you must select "log in" in the Author Information box on the right hand side of the page. Use your log in credentials if you do have an EES account already. If you do not have an account you will have to register. This you can accomplish from the log in page. The process is easy, just follow the instructions. On the step "Please Select an Article type" select:  SI: CIRP LCE 2014. Do the same for the questions on the "Select Section/Category" and "Request Editor" steps.

Submitting the abstract is a straightforward process. Follow the instructions on the EES pages. Only one thing should be noted. Even when submitting an abstract a short section of the paper is needed. So please prepare a document with at least the abstract written in it. At this stage no more is required. But please do also make sure that the abstract text appears in the abstract box of the EES as well as in the document uploaded at this stage.

When your abstract is accepted you can then reopen your submission and upload your complete paper.

Full paper submission

Full paper submission

Please use the template downloadable from this link to prepare your full paper.

The length of the paper should not exceed 6 pages

Papers submitted to CIRP conferences shall all follow the genral guidelines outlined in the Guide for authors downloadable from this link. Please follow the instructions carefully. Papers not written according to instructions will be rejected.

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