Innovation Competition Faculty of Engineering for Master and Bachelor thesis 2024

Innovation Competition Faculty of Engineering for Master and Bachelor Theses 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of the Faculty of Engineering Innovation Competition for Master and Bachelor Thesis 2024

This competition aims to inspire you, the Faculty of Engineering (IV Fakultet) students, to engage in creative thinking and innovation, while also providing you with an opportunity to showcase your ideas and talents. The competition is open to all Master and Bachelor students at NTNU Faculty of Engineering in their last year of study and it covers all topics. We encourage all students to participate.

Winners will receive attractive prizes and recognition for their winning entries.  

Master prizes: First place: 30.000NOK, Second place: 20.000NOK, Third place: 10.000NOK 
Bachelor prizes: First place: 20.000NOK, Second place: 15.000NOK, Third place: 10.000NOK

In addition to the competition, we will also be providing students with access to resources and support to help them develop their ideas and refine their submissions. 

Please see the full announcement HERE!
Or download the outline template here!

The deadline to send the innovation outline is June 1, 2024.

If you need further information, please contact Mara Diaconu


Doctoral course for PhD candidates who want to make more impact from their research

in collaboration between SFU Engage (NTNU) and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (1,5 ECT)

Doctoral course for PhD candidates who want to make more impact from their research

– Registration deadline: 24th of March


Are you a doctoral candidate (or do you know one?) who wants to make more impact from your research? 
Then this new doctoral course – in collaboration between SFU Engage (NTNU) and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship – (1,5 ECT) is something for you! 

In this course, on April 22nd-26th (the participants have to be online AND on campus in Trondheim or Stockholm), you will learn how you can derive value from your research beyond publishing scientific articles.
Registration deadline: 
24th of March

Read more and register HERE!

Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day!

It's an opportune moment to reflect on the remarkable contributions of women in shaping the landscape of innovation and hear the words of Alenka Temeljotov Salaj, Vice-Dean Innovation NTNU Faculty of Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Maritime Innovation Bootcamp 2023

The Bootcamp Winners

Maritime Innovation Bootcamp 2023

– Students from three campuses were challenged by a case within offshore wind and the transition from fixed to floating installations

1st prize: 
Paul Arild Bjørnæs (Cybernetics and robotics, Trondheim), Nazar Umuschchenko (Sustainable manufacturing, Gjøvik) and Robert Muren (Nautic, Ålesund)
Innovative solution: Replacing turbine blades on floating wind turbines through a new crib solution.

2nd prize: 
Rosa Cano (Marine Engineering, Trondheim), Martin Johannessen (Data engineering, Gjøvik) and Pedram Mehrabani (International business and marketing, Ålesund)
Innovative solution: Submersible floating offshore wind turbines – lower installations.

3rd prize: 
Håkon Myren (Marine engineering, Trondheim), Edison Veizaj (Sustainable manufacturing, Gjøvik) and Christina Beitveit (Nautic, Ålesund)
Innovative solution: New handling solution on catamaran vessel for wind turbine installation.

Innovation Award 2023

NTNU - Faculty of Engineering

Innovation Award 2023

Congratulations to the winners of the NTNU-IV Innovation Award 2023!

The award highlights the Faculty of Engineering's pioneering projects:

New Tip Manipulator, inventor: Carlos Alberto Dorao

ByMaker - Sustainable urban transformation game, inventor: Coline Senior

NTNU is proud of your research achievements, and we look forward to following your research and innovation.


PhD Innovation Scholarship 2023 Winner

PhD Innovation Scholarship 2023 Winner

– The Innovation Scholarship supports PhD candidate to finalize and commercialize the innovative product that has been prepared during the study period

credit: Lars Bugge Aarset

Arman Montazerian
Solution: IBetong Intelligent Concrete Blocks toward sustainable and smart cities

Stergios Goutianos, Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering
Jan Arve Øverli, Department of Structural  Engineering

Innovation awards – Bachelor and Master Theses 2023

The Winners

Innovation awards – Bachelor and Master Theses 2023

– The Innovation Competition was organized for the first time at the Faculty of Engineering. We evaluated very interesting and inspiring theses. Competition was among 16 students coming from 7 departments, 2 international collaborations and the industry sector. 

Innovation Competition Bachelor Winner

Hans Jørgen Sveen
Lars Vestnes Larsen
Idea: Prosjektering av en nullutslipps energifrakter for turisme i Geirangerfjorden
Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Lars Erik Nygård

Innovation Competition Master Winner

First place:
Olav Ødegård
Jorn Visser
Idea: DrillFeel – Haptic Feedback for Enhancing Drillers Situational Awareness
Department of Geoscience and Petroleum (Jorn, Alexey), 
Department of Engineering Cybernetics (Olav, Lars Imsland) 
Eindhoven University of Technology
Supervisors: Lars Struen Imsland, Alexey Pavlov

Second place:
Abdelrahman Ibrahim
Idea: Risk Aware Control of Underwater Snake Robots in Confined Environments
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree in Marine and Maritime Intelligent Robotics (MIR) / Department Marine Technology
Supervisor: Asgeir J. Sørensen

Third place
Elise Munch-Ellingsen
Trine Tveten Berge
Idea: IFC-based Element Mapping for Sustainable Construction: Optimising Reuse and Structural Integrity Assessment
Department of Structural Engineering
Supervisor: Sverre Magnus Haakonsen

Coline Senior - ByMaker


Coline Senior - NTNU representative at IECT Summer School

Coline Senior, Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of three NTNU representatives selected by NTNU Discovery to participate in the prestigious Summer school organised by the Institute for Entrepreneurship Cambridge-Tirol (IECT) Hermann Hauser. Coline represented the ByMaker team in Austria and received intense training on the commercialisation of research results. 

ByMaker is an interactive online game developed for children and youth to empower them with knowledge and skills in sustainable urban development. It was developed as part of Coline's Ph.D. with the support of her colleague and co-founder, Mara Diaconu, Ph.D. student, and her supervisors Professor Alenka Temeljotov Salaj and Professor Agnar Johansen.

Application for the UNITECH International Programme is now open!

Application for the UNITECH International Programme is now open!

Unitech International is a partnership between eight learning European universities and outstanding industry partners.

UNITECH is a mobility program. For STEM students, it offers a variety of networking experiences with international partners and skills that go beyond the conventional content. 

-    an exchange semester at an outstanding university
-    an international internship
-    coaching and workshops 
-    interdisciplinary discussions on actual topics

You can apply HERE! 
Or read the details of the programs and related information on the NTNU-Wiki Page

Deadline for applications: February 15, 2024


Please see the presentation of the UNITECH overview HERE!
You can also access the UNITECH promotional videos now!


UNITECH Alumni Contacts:
Eric Tillman Bill - Computer Science, studies at RWTH Aachen
Filip Folkesson - Computer Science, studies at Chalmers, had his exchange at RWTH Aachen
Mattia Merloni - Studies Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

Innovate for Better


Innovate for Better

Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. students from NTNU. Student startup projects are also encouraged to participate.
The main challenge for participating in the competition relates to solutions that contribute to a positive energy transition and reduced CO2 emissions. On the website, you will find nine key challenges Equinor is searching for solutions to solve. These challenges are linked to a wide variety of NTNU's academic fields of interest e.g: digital twins, autonomous vehicles and robotics, offshore wind installations, geological data, CO2 storage, circular economy, and more. 
How to apply:
1. Video presentation: Composition - introduction of participants (90 sec)
2. Video presentation: Sales/ pitch of idea (3 min)
3. Pitch-Deck (max. 12 foils)
4. * Ph.D. student projects require written consent from the head of the department, confirming that the candidate can participate in this competition. The consent must be attached to the application.
What are the conditions?
All students at NTNU, from bachelor to PhD, can apply. All we ask is that you have a concrete idea, project or start up that could contribute to the energy transition – and don't worry, Equinor will not own any rights, your ideas are one hundred percent your ideas. Applications received will only be used for assessment in this competition. The application will be shredded after the prizes have been awarded

Deadline and submission:
By November 10th, Email:

For more information, click HERE!

Innovation Competition Faculty of Engineering for Master and Bachelor thesis 2023

Innovation Competition Faculty of Engineering for Master and Bachelor thesis 2023

Deadline has passed

Faculty of Engineering Innovation Competition for Master and Bachelor Thesis 2023 had been launched successfully!

This competition aimed to inspire you, the Faculty of Engineering (IV Fakultet) students, to engage in creative thinking and innovation, while also providing you with an opportunity to showcase your ideas and talents.

The competition was open to all Master and Bachelor students at NTNU Faculty of Engineering in their last year of study and it covers all topics. 

Next-Gen Innovator

Workshop Call

Next-Gen Innovator

– Organised by us at Faculty of Engineering

Calling all PhD candidates and postdocs looking to supercharge their academic journey!

The Faculty of Engineering and Let’s Talk Innovation present:
📌 Workshop: Next-Gen Innovators - Empowering PhDs and Postdocs for Impactful Research.

Date: December 13th, Location: Digs. 

Get ready to fuel innovation and find out about business models and business elements!
This half-day event is your ticket to unlocking transformative innovations beyond the ordinary.


Invited speaker:

Jamie Urquhart Innovator | Mentor | Venture Partner | Business advisor

Click HERE to read all about it on our event page!


NTNU Conference

Additional funding to facilitate innovation based on results from Ph.D. education


PhD candidates who have identified innovation potential in their project may, together with their supervisor, apply for an innovation grant. 
The project must be based on Ph.D. work from the Faculty of Engineering, and the public defense must be less than one year in the future at the time of application.

Candidates who defended their thesis up to one year ago at the time of application may also apply. The scholarship is worth NOK 500,000. More information in the documentation here. 

More information HERE! 

Maritime Innovation Bootcamp


Maritime Innovation Bootcamp

Are you interested in solving real problems from the offshore industry? 
Would you consider setting aside four days for a case-solving competition?

Then the Maritime Innovation Bootcamp is for you!

See all the information on how to participate, prizes, and so on HERE!

Du finner også kunngjøringen på norsk og strekkoden ved å klikke på denne lenken! 

Scan the barcode for more!


Inspiring Innovation: Unwrapping the Innovation Advent Calendar

Inspiring Innovation: Unwrapping the Innovation Advent Calendar

As the year draws to a close and the festive season is upon us, there's no better time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. In the spirit of celebration and inspiration, we've crafted an advent calendar like no other—one filled with quotes that ignite the flames of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Unwrapping Wisdom Every Day

Our advent calendar isn't decorated with chocolates or tiny trinkets but rather with the wisdom of visionaries and trailblazers. Each day reveals a new quote, a nugget of insight from some of the most brilliant minds in history. From scientists and philosophers to inventors and business entrepreneurs, these quotes transcend time and speak directly to the essence of innovation.

As we open each door on this advent calendar, let it be a call to action. A call to embrace change, take risks, and foster an environment where ideas flourish. Whether you’re a researcher, a scientist, an entrepreneur, a creative thinker, or someone seeking inspiration, these quotes are a reminder that innovation is not a destination but a continuous journey—one that requires courage, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Check the calendar HERE

Entrepreneurship for better teaching

SFU Engage

Entrepreneurship for better teaching

– SFU Engage is hosting the course "Entrepreneurship for Better Teaching" on November 2nd and 3rd and will be held in English


This course is designed for those who are curious about entrepreneurship and innovation and wish to incorporate these concepts into their own teaching.

The course provides insights into entrepreneurial mindset, design thinking, and introduces the participants to Engage's educational framework. Through a combination of lectures, individual work, and group activities, you will be challenged to explore how you can include and teach elements of entrepreneurship and innovation in your own teaching.

The purpose of the course is to challenge you into considering what entrepreneurship and innovation can mean in your specific field of research and how you can contribute to educating future change agents. The course is open to all employees at NTNU.

You can enroll and find other valuable information HERE! before 15.10.2023 Kl: 23:55.

Questions? Please contact:
Vårin Vaskinn and Håvard Engen

Watch the video to see how previous participants experienced the course HERE!

Friday Talk at Faculty of Engineering

Friday Talk at Faculty of Engineering

For employees and students at the Faculty of Engineering, and for others who find the topic interesting. The purpose of this webinar series is to stimulate academic and free discussions on important topics in research, innovation and education, and also to provide a team- and culture-building arena at the IV Faculty.

When: Fridays 08.30-09.00 (except holidays, summer vacation, cramped days).
Where: Teams

Read more and see execution plan for Friday Talk

Global Talent Award - Shortlisted ByMaker solution

Global Talent Award - Shortlisted ByMaker solution


ByMaker solution, developed by PhD Candidate Coline Senior and her team, has been selected for the semi-finals of the Global Talent Award!! The solution is part of the top 25 applicants of SDG 11 challange, out of 400 applications from 65 countries.

The best solution to one of this year's challenges, will take home a cash prize of NOK 100,000,-.

An impressive achievement, and now is time to visit the Video and Poster booth and VOTE for her here - open until 20 March