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Innovation is a key driver of progress and growth in all the countries and industries, and researchers play a critical role in this process by developing new products and solutions. To help them in this pursuit, there are a variety of innovation tools available that can assist in the ideation, design, and development stages.


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department of Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering


Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Energy and Process Engineering

Department of Marine Technology

Marine Technology

Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering

Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering

Department of Geoscience and Petroleum

Geoscience and Petroleum

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Innovation Pilots at IV Faculty

Innovation Pilots at IV Faculty


At our faculty, we have 8 Innovation Pilots one for each department. A description of each pilot and contact person will come soon. 


Innovation Funding

Innovation Funding

  • NTNU Discovery funds

    The deadline has passed on March 1st

    Do you have a product idea that you want to develop? NTNU Discovery provides financial support to employees and students at NTNU and Helse Midt-Norge.

  • Innovation Norway

Tools for Innovators

Tools for Innovators

Employee Innovation support

The ENGAGE Resource page will guide the NTNU students, researchers, professors and administrative stuff on the tools and support that NTNU has.