About us

About us

The Faculty of Engineering and NTNU focus more and more on the linkages between research, development, innovation, entrepreneurship, and public policy in the development of society. 

The ‘Let’s Talk Innovation’ initiative was launched in 2022 by the Vice-dean for Innovation in the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj. We bring together leading thinkers, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs to share new perspectives on research, entrepreneurship, funding, innovation and sustainability.

Let’s Talk Innovation has the ambition to align research and innovation with the education missions, NTNU strategies and national and European goals for development, knowledge and innovation. 

At our faculty, the knowledge is generated through fundamental and applied research, blue-sky research, and close collaboration between researchers, the public sector and/or the industry, by and for society. Innovation and sustainability are the keys to improving research, selling technology, and having better KPIs and unique positions in research and technology development.
Our impact on academic research and development in society is often associated with the creation of patents, ventures, or with educating students.
As a result, we see the need to raise awareness, build knowledge and also discuss how innovations and research could be brought to market, as well as closer to industry and citizens. 

Innovation Committee

Leading the charge in driving innovative it is not a one person task and the Innovation Committee group at the Faculty of Engineering is formed of:  Vice-Dean innovation, faculty support, Innovation managers, Innovation pilot leaders, TTO representative, Innovation PhD and the Dean of the faculty. Together, these passionate individuals are working to cultivate a culture of innovation and drive positive change within our institution and beyond.