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Global Health

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Global health research embodies research on health problems related to challenges that particularly affect people in developing countries. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, NTNU, has decided to increase its investment in global health.

We are aware of good research, teaching and clinical activity going on in Mid Norway that is oriented towards developing countries. Many scientists in this region have active collaborations with selected institutions and individual scientists in developing countries.

In recent years, the faculty has paid more attention to global health, both in research and education. Our activity is concentrated in a few selected partner countries. Thematically, our focus is on improving mother-child health, but also in basic research and non-communicable diseases.

The global health initiative at the MH Faculty contribute to fulfilling the faculty's vision of «Health for a better world» and NTNU's vision «Knowledge for a better world». The global health initiative wants to contribute to sustainable development and especially supports the sustainability goals:

Sustainability goals

1. Eradicate poverty | 3. Good health |  4. Good education | 9. Innovation & infrastructure | 10. Less inequality | 17. Cooperation to achieve goals

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We collaborate with health institutions in Nepal, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and South Africa. 


Newly established center:

Gemini Center with NTNU and SINTEF - Global Impact



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