Global health seminars, Spring 2022

Global health seminars, Spring 2022

All seminars are free and open for all.

There will be time for discussion and questions after the presentations.
Light refreshments will be served, when we meet in-person.

Thursday 27th January at 1:00 - 2:00pm

January is a cervical cancer awareness month. During the month of January, global health monthly seminar will focus on the issues related to global health.

Birgit Engesæter, Advisor at Kreftregisteret, has a central role in monitoring the cervical cancer screening program in Norway in consultation with experts.

Emily Annika Burger, Associate professor at the Department of Health Management and Health Economic (UiO), has a significant role in informing the current US cervical cancer guidelines, global policy for World Health Organization, and national cancer control policies in Norway.

Kine Pedersen (Ph.D.) is a health economist at Oslo Economics and a researcher at the Department of Health Management and Health Economics (UiO) with expertise in health economic evaluation and cervical cancer prevention.

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Thursday 24th February at 1:00 - 2:00 pm 

Impact on mental health of the population

Our speakers:

Topic: “Introduction of Global Mental Health”

Ragnhild Dybdahl, Program Director at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, is a psychologist by background and holds a PhD from the University of Tromsø. She is also an associate professor of global mental health at the Centre for Crisis Psychology at the University of Bergen. Previously, she has been an aid worker, clinician, bureaucrat, and diplomat. She has worked in international development cooperation for many years and is particularly interested in mental health in and following disasters and conflict, psychosocial interventions, and early childhood development. 


Topic: “Antidepressives or Love: Mental health among children living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda”

Birthe Loa Knizek, Specialist Clinical Psychologist and Professor at NTNU, has a PhD from Århus University, Denmark. Since 2000 she has research collaboration with Uganda and Ghana, especially focusing on suicidal behaviour. During the last years, collaboration with Uganda on different mental health issues has become more prominent, especially targeting people living with HIV/AIDS and mental problems.


Place: Fred Kavli building, MTM22, 2nd Floor

Thursday 31st March at 1:00 - 2:00 pm


Topic: “Intimate partner violence against women: the silence remains”

Lara Murvartian is a General Health Psychologist and a PhD candidate at the University of Seville, beneficiary of a University Teacher Training grant from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. Her research career has focused on the stigma experienced by vulnerable groups, starting with severe mental disorders. She has participated in several research projects about gender equality, recovery and health promotion. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis on public stigma exerted by professionals who provide services to women survivors of intimate partner violence. She is interested in analyzing this stigma and identifying actions to combat it. 

Place: Øya Helsehus, ØHU1, 2nd Floor

Tuesday 24th May at 1:00 - 2:00 pm


Topic: Global Health Diplomacy

Our speakers

Virginaia Kotzias is an American health policy researcher with experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She is currently pursuing a PhD on the topic, "Economic shocks, social protection policies, and infant health" located in the Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research (CHAIN) at the NTNU Department of Sociology and Political Science. Prior to NTNU, Ms. Kotzias was a health policy analyst at the RAND Corporation and conducted mixed-methods research across a range of public health topics, including health services research, telehealth, long term care, maternal/child health, and suicide. She is trained in qualitative methods and has extensive experience in the design and implementation interview, focus group, and survey-based research projects. Prior to RAND, she served as a policy analyst for a health care quality research firm and as a state program administrator for Maryland Medicaid. She earned her Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) in 2012 from the University of Maryland College Park, USA.

Topic: "Health Policy Analysis: A Primer from the Perspective of a Practitioner"


Knut Mork Skagen from Norwegian Doctors against Nuclear Weapon. Knut Mork Skagen is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry at Levanger Hospital. He works to increase doctors' engagement on political issues which impact public health, particularly nuclear disarmament and climate change. He is currently deputy leader of the board of Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear Weapons.

Topic:  "Creating a world free of Nuclear Weapons: role of public health practitioners"

Place: Fred Kavli building, MTS21 , 2nd Floor

Thursday 16th June at 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Topic: Substance abuse

Speaker: xx (tbc)

Place: Fred Kavli building, MTM22, 2nd Floor