Symposium: Quality Surgical and Anaesthetic care for everybody

Symposium: Quality Surgical and Anaesthetic care for everybody

For the billions of patients without access to surgical care, it is a personal issue. For developing nations, it is an economic issue. For the world, it is a moral issue, a question of equity. Surgery has been called the “neglected stepchild of global public health.” To achieve the recently approved global development goals, world leaders must explicitly develop systems to bring access to safe, affordable and timely surgery to those who need it”.

Editorial, The New Your Times.

Access to essential surgery is denied huge parts of our global population. Innovations, new health system strategies and surveillance are urgently needed to address this challenge. How can Scandinavian hospitals, health care workers, universities, researchers and non-governmental organisations contribute to developing surgical systems in low-income countries? Could this also contribute to an improvement of our own health delivery system?

This is the first international symposium dedicated to global surgical and anaesthetic care organised in Norway and NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital are proud to facilitate those discussions.

The symposium is arranged in conjunction with Håkon A. Bolkan PhD defence Friday September 1 for the thesis Addressing Surgical Needs Where There is No Surgeon - Status of Surgery in Sierra Leone, Safety and Future Contributions of a Surgical Task Sharing Training Programme, and Surgery as an Indicator of Hospital Function During the West African Ebola Outbreak.

The symposium is open for all interested and is free of charge. Welcome!

Location: KA 12, Kunnskapssentret, Trondheim University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway
When:      Thursday 31. August, 2017

        Agenda                             Speakers

Link to the presentations from the symposium:



Thomas Weiser (US), 
Associate Professor of Surgery, Stanford University Medical Centre, Faculty, Stanford Surgery Policy Improvement Research and Education Centre.


Jessica Beard (US)
MD, MPH, trauma surgeon Assistant Professor of Surgery at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Andreas Wladis (ICRC/Switzerland), 
MD, PhD, Emergency general surgeon, and Associate Professor of Surgery at the Karolinska Institute and Professor of Disaster Medicine and Traumatology at Linkoping University. 




Walt Johnson (WHO, Switzerland/US)
MD, MPH, MBA, Lead for the Emergency & Essential Surgical Care Programme, World Health Organization, Geneva.




Tina Gaarder (Norway)
MD, PhD, Consultant General and Trauma surgeon, Director of Trauma at Oslo University Hospital (OUHU), Ullevål, Oslo, Norway




Theo Wiggers (Holland), 
MD, PhD, FRCS, University Medical Centre Groningen, Chief Medical Officer of INCISION



Seibatu Sia Kemoh (Sierra Leone)
Surgical Assistant Community Health Officer

Johan von Schreeb (Sweden)
MD, PhD, general surgeon, associate professor Karolinska Institute.




Anna Dare (Canada)
MD, PhD, general surgery resident and global health researcher, University of  Toronto

 Ibrahim Bundu (Sierra Leone)
Specialist orthopaedic surgeon, chief surgeon, Department of Surgery, Connaught Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Senior Lecturer, University of Sierra Leone.


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