HUNT Store

HUNT Store

Store any type of data, at any scale, simply and securely

We believe that knowledge should be derived from the widest possible set of information. To accomplish this, we must enable researchers to store any type of data with a high degree of reliability.

To illustrate, collection of blood samples for genetic analysis may take decades, analysis of DNA reduce an already limited blood resource, digitization may cost tens of millions of NOK, and regulations of health data do often require 5-10 years retention after the research is completed.

HUNT Block

HUNT Block is our main data storage resource. The efficient and reliable block storage is build to store and retrieve any amount of data.

Lab owners specify the storage sizes they need on their virtual lab machines. Sizes and volume types can quickly be updated and expanded as data grow.

Data is automatically distributed across three physical hard drives paces in three different servers across three different racks. Data is automatically replicated to new hard drives in the event of equipment failure.


HUNT Tape is our offsite and offline encrypted tape service. The service is aimed at information that need special protection, such as high value digitization efforts and information with long-term retention requirements.

Lab owners specify which data they want written to tape. From there, we verify data integrity, encrypt the information, and write the information to two identical tapes for improved reliability. Lab owners receive tapes, keys and documentation for archiving.

HUNT Migrate

HUNT Migrate is our service for simple and secure migration of information to/from lab environments. HUNT Migrate is based around short-lived hardened SFTP-servers.

HUNT Restore

HUNT Restore is our service to safeguard against accidental deletion of data. Lab owners can activate this services for specific volumes and folders within their storage quota.


Please contact us for further information on our storage services.




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