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The Master's Study Programme at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The Master's Study Programme at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has a technical and scientific focus, while at the same time focusing on creativity and innovation. The programme combines subjects in product development and construction with subjects in Materials Technology and Production Processes.

Below, you will find information about the different study programmes in Civil Engineering, as well as information concerning projects and specialisation subjects at MTP.

Study programmes in Engineering

Master's Programmes

RAMS (2-year master's programme)
Project Management (2-year master's programme)
Global Manufacturing Management (2-year master's programme)

Experience-based Master's Programmes

Master of Management (part-time, session-based)
Road and Railway Engineering (part-time, session-based)

Project Assignments

As part of the Master Programmes at MTP you are also required to do project work and write a report describing the work you have done.

Master's Thesis

The Master’s Thesis is normally written during the tenth semester. In most cases the thesis is a continuation of the projects students have been working on during the ninth semester. Time alloted for the finishing the writing is 20 weeks to finish the thesis (+ 1 week for either the Easter or Christmas holidays).

As a general rule, all courses have to be passed and the required practice has to be approved before the student can start writing the thesis. By application, the faculty can grant exemption from this rule.

Getting started

To start work on the thesis, students must contact a supervisor. The master's thesis is normally a continuation of the project work, which means that there is no selection process as with the projects. The supervisor will provide a problem text upon which the thesis should be based.

A master agreement has to be signed by both student and supervisor, and to be submitted to the department.

Written agreement with a company

Students can work with the industry as part of their thesis work and write the thesis with a company instead of internally at NTNU. If so, it is recommended to create a contract or agreement between the parties involved; the student, the supervisor, the external company and NTNU. Such an agreement will verify each party’s rights and duties regarding the thesis. The agreement form must be printed in four copies and signed by all parties. When the agreement is approved by the head of department, each party will receive a copy.

Submitting the thesis

The thesis must be submitted, at the latest, on the date stated in the master contract. The thesis must be submitted through DAIM. A submission form must be completed and submitted to the faculty office as soon as the thesis is submitted. The form is the clearance certificate from NTNU. After submitting the form, students will receive a requisition enabling you to buy the ring for engineers who have graduated from NTNU.

Postponed submission

If problems with the equipment or illness make the student unable to submit the thesis by the deadline, s/he has to send a written explanation of the delay to the faculty. If the thesis is submitted after the deadline and the faculty has not accepted the delay, the thesis will be regarded as failed. If so happens, a new or revised thesis can be handed in once. Voluntary repetition of a passed thesis is not allowed.

For more information, see the topic page 'Writing your master's thesis'

Student work stations

All our student workplaces at MTP are “clean desk”. Clean desk means that no student will have a
permanent workspace and that all desks must be cleared at the end of each day.

The workplaces are available from the start of semester 2023 until the end of semester spring 2024, read about rooms and booking of student work stations.  

16 Aug 2023