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Specialization in 5th (2nd) year at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Study Year 2021-22)

Specialization, Project Selection and Distribution 2021/2022 (detailed information for MTP-students)

Procedure for Project Execution at MTP 2021/2022

Specialization Projects Students at MTP

Valid for students belonging to the 5-year MSc study programs PuP (Mechanical Engineering),  I&IKT (Engineering and ICT), Materials Science and Engineering and Nano Technology, and the 2-year MSc study programs Mechanical Engineering, Subsea Technology, RAMS, Project Management and Global Manufacturing Management for the Main Profiles:

  • Engineering Design and Materials (PuMa)

  • Production- and Quality Engineering (IPK)

Specialization in 5th (2nd) year

In the MSc study in technology at NTNU a major part of the 5th (2nd) year shall be a specialization in a selected area.  Two third (22.5 Sp) of the study points in the autumn semester and 100% of the spring semester are dedicated to specialization.  The following is mandatory:

Autumn semester

  • Specialization Course – 7.5 Sp

  • Specialization Project – 15 Sp

Spring semester

  • MSc Thesis – 30 Sp

In the autumn semester, the students shall in addition select:

  • Complimentary Course (Komplementæremne) – 7.5 Sp

Girl making a prototype of something

Selection of Specialization Project

  • The projects with a short description will be made available for the students via MTPs website on March 16, 2021. A link to all projects has been published here.

  • Each student is encouraged to review the actual projects and to contact the supervisor for the most interesting project(s) to get more information and/or discuss the project content.

  • Due to company contract obligations and research related needs, some supervisors will pre-select students to specific projects before this deadline.

  • The supervisors will register a possible pre-selection until April 16, 2021. In this case, they will change the availability of the project in SharePoint (to not-available), publish the student’s name next to the project and send an e-mail with the project title, student’s name and e-mail address to the responsible study advisor. In this case the pre-selected student does not have to fill in a formal application.

  • All other students have to fill in an online application form, which is available in SharePoint. In the application the student can prioritize two projects (Priority 1 and 2).

  • The deadline for completing the online form is April 26, 2021.

  • The deadlines given above is also valid for 4th year MTP students spending this year abroad and for exchange students.

Distribution of Specialization Projects – feedback to the students

  • The max. number of students for each supervisor will be limited to 6 to i) secure quality of the supervision, and ii) capacity for supervision in the Research Groups.
  • After the deadline of the online application form, the projects will be distributed among the students based on their prioritized projects (Priority 1 and 2).  The supervisors will be involved in this distribution process. That’s why it is important that the students contact the supervisor before they complete the online application form.
  • All students should have received feedback concerning their project choice by June 4, 2021.
  • A plan for the Specialization Project shall be developed by the student and discussed and agreed with the main supervisor no later than 2 weeks after the startup of the project.  During the project period, this plan can be revised.

Master’s Thesis

The MSc Thesis is normally a continuation of the Specialization Project.  However, some students decide to change topic for the MSc Thesis.  This can be accepted by the MTP department assuming that the student finds a project and a main supervisor for the new project.


23 Apr 2021