Addressing the need for R&I solutions for clean and sustainable oceans and cities

New Horizons:
Can a mission-driven R&I approach deliver a sustainable Europe?


Topic and aim of the conference

This year’s topic

This year’s conference focuses on the role of Missions in the next Horizon Europe programme and the way they will be designed.

Particular focus will be given on two of them: Carbon-Neutral and Smart Cities and Healthy Oceans and Natural Waters with two parallel sessions where relevant EC, industry, research and academia stakeholders from Europe will debate advices on the two missions prepared by established «European working groups».

Aim of the event

Norway and NTNU want to contribute even more to the European research and innovation arena with a special focus on reinforcing dialogue with policymakers and strengthening the universities’ collaboration and partnership with the public and private sectors, including our alumni in Europe.

About the NTNU European Conference

About the NTNU European Conference

The NTNU European Conference is an annual conference in Brussels, bringing together stakeholders from academia, industry, funding agencies and public authorities to debate the shaping of the future research and innovation landscape.

The conference will provide opportunities for stakeholders to come together, deepen the dialogue and work across sectors and disciplines to contribute to influencing the shaping of the two missions. 

The previous European conference

05 Sep 2019