WP 3 - Secondary prevention (OptimEx-CLIN)

OptimEx-CLIN is a prospective, randomized multi-center clinical trial in HFPEF. The primary hypothesis is that high volume, high-intensity interval training (HIT-HV) is more efficient than continuous exercise at moderate intensity (MCT) in improving exercise capacity and diastolic function (peakVO2, E/é). In addition, a threshold concept will be evaluated by including a low volume HIT arm (HIT-LV) with half the duration of HIT-HV training session.

Participants: Sedentary men/women (structured exercise ≤2x 30min/wk, <5 MET hours/wk), ≥18 yrs meeting current diagnostic criteria for HFPEF8 (LVEF>50%, signs and symptoms of heart failure NYHA II or III, plus objective evidence for diastolic dysfunction (E/é >15 or NT-proBNP >220 pg/mL in those with an E/é of 8-15), on stable (> 4 weeks) medical therapy for risk factor control.

The participants will be randomly assigned into different exercise protocols, consisting of both supervised and home-based training. Inclusion of patients will start during 2014.

WP 3 leader is Martin Halle, Technische Universität München.

Outdoor training, photo: NTNU/Geir Mogen