OptimEx work description

Photo: NTNU/Geir MogenOptimEx will have a duration of 42 months, from October 2013-March 2017.

The project consists of the following work packages:

WP 1: Primary prevention (rat model)
WP 2: Secondary prevention (rat model)
WP3: Secondary prevention (OptimEx-CLIN)
WP 4: Telemedicine-based monitoring of physical activity and adherence
WP 5: Dissemination and exploitation
WP 6: Consortium management

As the prevalence of diastolic heart failure is increasing and exercise is a cheap and easy accessible way of prevention, we put a heavy emphasis on dissemination of the results, especially to the general public (WP 5). Media appearances and publications will be published on the webpage continously, and we will make an effort to reach out to the target group with our message through social media and other channels.