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News 2022

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Consortium meeting at Raufoss November 9th - 10th 2022

All SFI PhysMet members were invited to the biannual SFI consortium meeting at Raufoss November 9th – 10th. The meeting was hosted by SINTEF Manufacturing and 55 participants met at The Catapult Centre at Raufoss (Manufacturing Technology).

A bridge to a building. Photo
The Catapult centre at Raufoss.

A common language for data from material science

Researchers from SFI PhysMet develop ontologies as a common language for describing and connecting data from different sources. Read more in this article published in Dagsavisen

The article gives a brief historical background to ontologies and points out resent applications for new innovations. 

Data collecting illustration

SFI PhysMet Scientific Highlights from 2022

2022 has been a prosperous year for our centre, in terms of scientific results and potential innovations. We have made short presentations of some of the recent scientific achievements made in the various research areas:

Professor Dierk Raabe appointed Honorary Doctor at NTNU

Professor Dierk Raabe was appointed Honorary Doctor at NTNU at the NTNU Doctoral Awards Ceremony  November 18th. Dierk Raabe is a Director at Max Planck Institute for  Iron Research in Düsseldorf, Germany, and he is also a Professor at RWTH Aachen. His interests are in sustainable metallurgy, hydrogen, microstructures, alloy design, computational materials science and atom probe tomography.  He has received the Leibniz award and two ERC Advanced Grants. Raabe is also a member of the SFI PhysMet Scientific Advisory Committee.

The appointment of Dr. Raabe as Honorary Doctor will be a valuable asset for NTNU and facilitate and strengthen collaboration with Prof. Raabe and his colleagues at the Max-Planck Institute within areas of great importance to NTNU, SFI PhysMet and our industrial partners.

Rector and a man at a ceremony. Photo
Dr. Raabe and NTNU Rector Anne Borg at the NTNU Doctoral Awards Ceremony November 18th 2022. Photo: Thor Nielsen

SFI PhysMet contributions at the 18th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys in Japan

The 18th International Conference on Aluminium (ICAA18) was organized as an hybrid event in Toyama, Japan, September 4th-8th. At ICAA-conferences scientists from academia and industry meet to exchange new knowledge and breakthroughs through discussions on the science and applications of aluminium alloys. The ICAA conference is organized every second year and was this time organized by the Japan Institute of Light Metals (JILM) and hosted by University of Toyama.

SFI PhysMet contributed significantly to the conference program: Centre director Knut Marthinsen was invited plenary speaker and chaired one of the sessions. During the conference he gave a presentation on Aluminium alloy and process development through microstructure characterization and modelling. NTNU professors Randi Holmestad and Bjørn Holmedal contributed as keynote speakers and Prof. Holmestad also acted as session chair. Dr. Jesper Friis and PhD candidate Tor Inge Thorsen also gave presentations during the conference.

Presentations of the SFI PhysMet PhD candidates

The first PhD candidates started working at SFI PhysMet in 2021. They are now producing important results within their topics. To learn more about their fields of expertise, methods and project goals, have a look at our PhD candidate presentations website

We are looking for competent and motivated candidates in all of the Centre's research areas, and recruitment of more PhD-students and postdocs continues in 2022 and 2023. Contact the centre management for information on more positions. 

Some of PhD candidates at SFI PhysMet. Photo: Per Henning
Some of the PhD candidates at SFI PhysMet. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU