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Bugten, Andreas Voll; Michels Brito Miranda, Leander Edward; Brurok, Rune Botnmark; Hartung, Cathrine; Ott, Emmanuelle; Vines, Lasse; Li, Yanjun; Arnberg, Lars Erik; Sabatino, Marisa Di. The Role of Boron in Low Copper Spheroidal Graphite Irons. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 2023 

Bugten, Andreas Voll; Sanders, Paul; Hartung, Cathrine; Logan, Robert; Sabatino, Marisa Di; Michels Brito Miranda, Leander Edward. The Influence of Boron (B), Tin (Sn), Copper (Cu), and Manganese (Mn) on the Microstructure of Spheroidal Graphite Irons. International Journal of metalcasting 2023 

Bunaziv, Ivan; Ren, Xiaobo; Olden, Vigdis. A comparative study of laser-arc hybrid welding with arc welding for fabrication of offshore substructures. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) 2023

de Baas, Anne F; Del Nostro, Pierluigi; Friis, Jesper; Ghedini, Emanuele; Goldbeck, Gerhard; Paponetti, Ilaria Maria; Pozzi, Andrea; Sarkar, Arkopaul; Yang, Lan; Zaccarini, Francesco Antonio; Toti, Daniele. Review and Alignment of Domain-Level Ontologies for Materials Science. IEEE Access 2023

Flatscher, Florian; Todt, Juraj; Burghammer, Manfred; Søreide, Hanne-Sofie Marie Scisly; Porz, Lukas; Li, Yanjun; Wenner, Sigurd; Bobal, Viktor; Ganschow, Steffen; Sartory, Bernhard; Brunner, Roland; hatzoglou, constantinos; Keckes, Jozef; Rettenwander, Daniel. Deflecting Dendrites by Introducing Compressive Stress in Li7La3Zr2O12 Using Ion Implantation. Small 2023

Gouttebroze, Sylvain; Friis, Jesper; Hovig, Even Wilberg; Boivie, Klas Magnus. Toward semantic standard and process ontology for Additive manufacturing. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2023

Han, F.; Luo, X.; Liu, Q.; Hou, Z.; Marthinsen, Knut; Wu, G.L.; hatzoglou, constantinos; Kontis, Paraskevas; Huang, X. The effect of grain size and rolling reduction on microstructure evolution and annealing hardening response of a Mg-3Gd alloy. Journal of Magnesium and Alloys 2023

Kirkbakk, Kjell Martin; Marhaug, Nikolai; Langelandsvik, Geir; Werenskiold, Jens Christofer. Grain refinement of aluminium welds by Ti, TiB2, and TiC filler wire inoculation. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2023

Li, Wenzhe; Qian, Feng; Li, Jinyue; Zhu, Yichao; Liang, Yaojian; Xu, Shun; Li, Yanjun; Cheng, Xingwang. Design strategy for eliminating cracking and improving mechanical properties of Al-Mg-Si alloys fabricated by laser melting deposition. Additive Manufacturing 2023

Ma, Sida; Zong, Nanfu; Dong, Zihui; Hu, Yaowen; Jing, Tao; Li, Yanjun; Mathiesen, Ragnvald; Dong, Hongbiao. Ti-adsorption induced strain release in promoting α-Al nucleation at TiB2 - Al interfaces. Applied Surface Science 2023 

Mi, Xiaoxi; Jing, Xuerui; Wang, Hailian; Xu, Jianbin; She, Jia; Tang, Aitao; Holmedal, Bjørn; Pan, Fusheng. A machine learning enabled ultra-fine grain design strategy of Mg–Mn-based alloys. Journal of Materials Research and Technology (JMR&T) 2023

Mørtsell, Eva Anne; Zhao, Dongdong; Autruffe, Antoine; Chen, Yimeng; Sabatino, Marisa Di; Li, Yanjun. The nature of a low angle grain boundary in a Si bi-crystal with added Fe impurities. Acta Materialia 2023

Pan, Shiwei; Li, Chunan; Qian, Feng; Hao, Longlong; Li, Yanjun. Diffusion controlled early-stage L12-D023 transitions within Al3Zr. Scripta Materialia 2023

Pan, Shiwei; Wang, Zidong; Li, Chunan; Wan, Di; Chen, Xiaohua; Chen, Kaixuan; Li, Yanjun. Achieving superior dispersion-strengthening effect in an AA5xxx Al-Mg-Mn alloy by mico-alloying. Materials & design 2023

Reiersen, Magnus; Gunnæs, Anette Eleonora; S. Azar, Amin; Diplas, Spyridon; Du, Qiang; M'Hamdi, Mohammed. Accelerated material development for laser powder-bed fusion using the arc melting process. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2023

Thronsen, Elisabeth; Bergh, Tina; Thorsen, Tor Inge; Christiansen, Emil; Frafjord, Jonas; Crout, Philip; Van Helvoort, Antonius Theodorus Johannes; Midgley, Paul A.; Holmestad, Randi. Scanning precession electron diffraction data analysis approaches for phase mapping of precipitates in aluminium alloys. Ultramicroscopy 2023

Wang, Xuezhou; Zhao, Dongdong; Xu, Yijiang; Li, Yanjun. Modelling the Spatial Evolution of Excess Vacancies and its Influence on Age Hardening Behaviors in Multicomponent Aluminium Alloys. Acta Materialia 2023

Xu, Jianbin; Hopperstad, Odd Sture; Holmedal, Bjørn; Berstad, Torodd; Manik, Tomas; Marthinsen, Knut. On the spatio-temporal characteristics of the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect in aluminium alloy AA5182: An experimental and numerical study. International journal of plasticity 2023

Xu, Yijiang; Langelandsvik, Geir; Bunaziv, Ivan; Li, Yanjun. Understanding the inoculation of aluminium grains during welding under the influences of high cooling rate and high temperature gradient. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2023

Ånes, Håkon Wiik; Van Helvoort, Antonius; Marthinsen, Knut. Orientation dependent pinning of (sub)grains by dispersoids during recovery and recrystallization in an Al–Mn alloy. Acta Materialia 2023


Bunaziv, Ivan; Langelandsvik, Geir; Ren, Xiaobo; Westermann, Ida; Rørvik, Gisle; Dørum, Cato; Danielsen, Morten Høgseth; Eriksson, Magnus Carl Fredrik. Effect of preheating and preplaced filler wire on microstructure and toughness in laser-arc hybrid welding of thick steel. Journal of Manufacturing Processes 2022

Du, Qiang; M'hamdi, Mohammed. Predicting kinetic interface condition for austenite to ferrite transformation by multi-component continuous growth model. Calphad 2022 

Du, Qiang; S. Azar, Amin; M'hamdi, Mohammed. Kinetic interface condition phase diagram for the rapid solidification of multi-component alloys with an application to additive manufacturing. Calphad 2022

Jin, Shenbao; Su, Haokai; Qian, Feng; Li, Yanjun; Sha, Gang. Effects of atom probe analysis parameters on composition measurement of precipitates in an Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy. Ultramicroscopy 2022

Liu, Siqi; Wan, Di; Peng, Ding; Lu, Xu; Ren, Xiaobo; Fu, Yuequn; Wang, Feng; Li, Yanjun; Zhang, Zhiliang; He, Jianying. Effect of heat input on nanomechanical properties of wire-arc additive manufactured Al 4047 alloys. Materials Science & Engineering 

Marthinsen, Astrid; Graff, Joachim Seland; Syvertsen, Martin; Ellingsen, Kjerstin; M'hamdi, Mohammed. Towards Formulation of AlSi10Mg Alloy from Incinerator Bottom Ash. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series 2022  

Thronsen, Elisabeth; Bergh, Tina; Christiansen, Emil; Thorsen, Thor Inge; Van Helvoort, Antonius; Holmestad, Randi. Scanning Precession Electron Diffraction and What We Get Out of Such Data in Studies of Aluminium Alloys. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2022 

Thronsen, Elisabeth; Mørkeseth, Hanne; Marioara, Calin Daniel; Minakuchi, Kazuhiro; Katsumi, Tetsuya; Marthinsen, Knut; Matsuda, Kenji; Holmestad, Randi. The Effect of Small Additions of Fe and Heavy Deformation on the Precipitation in an Al–1.1Mg–0.5Cu–0.3Si At. Pct Alloy. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 2022

Wu, Shenghua; Søreide, Hanne-Sofie; Li, Chunan; Liu, gang; Li, Yanjun; Roven, Hans Jørgen; Sun, Jun. Freezing solute atoms in nanograined aluminum alloys via high-density vacancies. Nature Communications 2022  

Xu, Jianbin; Holmedal, Bjørn; Hopperstad, Odd Sture; Manik, Tomas; Marthinsen, Knut. Dynamic strain ageing in an AlMg alloy at different strain rates and temperatures: Experiments and constitutive modelling. International journal of plasticity 2022

Xu, Jianbin; Liu, Lei; Hopperstad, Odd Sture; Holmedal, Bjørn; Manik, Tomas; Marthinsen, Knut. A simple method enabling efficient quantitative analysis of the Portevin–Le Chatelier band characteristics. Scripta Materialia 2022

Yang, Jiawei; Xu, Yijiang; Bao, Sarina; Akhtar, Shahid; Tundal, Ulf; Tjøtta, Stig; Li, Yanjun. Effect of Inclusion and Filtration on Grain Refinement Efficiency of Aluminum Alloy. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 2022

Zang, Ruojin; Ning, Yaru; Ding, Lipeng; Jia, Zhihong; Xiang, Kaiyun; Liu, Qing; Cao, Lingfei; Li, Yanjun. Study on properties and precipitation behavior of 6000 series alloys with high Mg/Si ratios and Cu contents. Materials Characterization 2022

Zhou, Bijin; Wang, Leyun; Jia, Hailong; Zeng, Xiaoqin; Li, Yanjun. Dislocation behavior in a polycrystalline Mg-Y alloy using multi-scale characterization and VPSC simulation. Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2022 

Ånes, Håkon Wiik; Van Helvoort, Antonius; Marthinsen, Knut. Correlated subgrain and particle analysis of a recovered Al-Mn alloy by directly combining EBSD and backscatter electron imaging. Materials Characterization 2022  


Bunaziv, Ivan; Dørum, Cato; Nielsen, Steen Erik; Suikkanen, Pasi; Ren, Xiaobo; Nyhus, Bård; Eriksson, Magnus Carl Fredrik; Akselsen, Odd Magne.
Root formation and mechanical properties in laser keyhole welding of 15 mm thick HSLA steel. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2021

Chen, Jinmei; Jiang, Xiaosong; Li, Yanjun; Christian, Pål. Microstructures and mechanical properties of nano-C and in situ Al2O3 reinforced aluminium matrix composites processed by equal-channel angular pressing. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2021 

Chen, Jinmei; Jiang, Xiaosong; Lyu, Lan; Li, Yanjun; Skaret, Pål Christian; Sun, Hongliang; Shu, Rui. Microstructure and properties of nano-C and in-situ Al2O3 reinforced aluminum matrix composites processed by high-pressure torsion. Composite interfaces (Print) 2021

Langelandsvik, Geir; Akselsen, Odd Magne; Furu, Trond; Roven, Hans Jørgen. Review of aluminum alloy development for wire arc additive manufacturing. Materials 2021 

Manik, Tomas; Marthinsen, Knut; Zhang, Kai; Imani Aria, Arash; Holmedal, Bjørn. Deformation Texture Evolution in Flat Profile AlMgSi Extrusions: Experiments, FEM, and Crystal Plasticity Modeling. Frontiers in Materials 2021

Pan, Shiwei; Qian, Feng; Wang, Zidong; Li, Yanjun. Synergistic strengthening by nano-sized -Al (Mn, Fe) Si and Al3Zr dispersoids in a heat-resistant Al–Mn–Fe–Si–Zr alloy. Materials Science & Engineering: A 2021

Qian, Feng; Jin, Shenbao; Wan, Di; Li, Wenzhe; Cheng, X; Sha, Gang; Li, Yanjun. Synergistic effects of Cd, Si and Cr additions on precipitation strengthening and thermal stability of dispersoids in AA3003 alloy. Materials Science & Engineering: A 2021

Wu, Shenghua; Li, Yanjun; Roven, Hans Jørgen; Liu, gang; Sun, Jun. Hierarchical structure in Al-Cu alloys to promote strength/ductility synergy. Scripta Materialia 2021 

Xu, Yijiang; Deng, Yun; Casari, Daniele; Mathiesen, Ragnvald; Liu, Xiangfa; Li, Yanjun. Growth kinetics of primary Si particles in hypereutectic Al-Si alloys under the influence of P inoculation: Experiments and modelling. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2021 

Zhao, Yuanyun; Qian, Feng; Li, Yanjun. Facile synthesis of metal and alloy nanoparticles by ultrasound-assisted dealloying of metallic glasses. Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2021