RA 5: Data, sharing and digital platforms

RA 5: Data, sharing and digital platforms

– Research area 5


The PhysMet Innovation Platform will realise the FAIR data principles within SFI PhysMet and allow to efficiently reuse and combine available data and models in new and flexible workflows.


  • Make research results (data and modelling tools) accessible and easy to combine and reuse
  • Enabling both industry and research partners to make efficiently use of the project results promoting rapid innovation


Approach and methodology

  • Implementation of a PhysMet Digital Platform realising the FAIR data principles and enabling rapid innovation.
  • Define a common standard for digital representations for physical metallurgy. 
  • Provide a system for setting up workflows for data analysis, through scale/process modelling. 
  • Promote use of the Digital Platform to strengthen the metallurgy environment in Norway.



  • How to formulate an ontology for physical metallurgy that covers all relevant and at the same time is easy to learn and use? This is a key question for success and will be addressed together with other key international players in the field. 
  • How to realise the FAIR data principles? The main strategy here, is to reuse experience and state-of-art technology developed in collaborative European efforts. 
  • How to exploit the platform for increased quality and productivity in research and industrial innovation? Important steps when addressing this are involvement of all stakeholders from the beginning and early demonstrations.

RA 5 Leader

RA 5 Leader

Jesper Friis. Photo

Jesper Friis

Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
Email: jesper.friis@sintef.no

What is FAIR data?

What is FAIR data?

The FAIR Data Principles are a set of internationally endorsed guiding principles for scientific data in order to make it findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

The principles directly address producers and publishers to promote maximum use and reuse of research data

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