Risk Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Applications


Errors and misprints in the book "Risk Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Applications",  Wiley, Hoboken, NJ,  2011, are listed below.

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(When you find misprints and errors, please send me a note!)

Misprints in first printing (August 2011)

Font problems

Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with some of the fonts in the first printing of this book. The problem is related to ligature glyphs, such as fi and fl, and some few symbols. The errors are found in section titles and in the captions of some figures and tables. None of the font errors are serious in the way that they can lead you astray. I am sorry for the inconvenience you may get by these errors. A list of all the errors I have found of this type together with the correct spelling may be found on this link.

Other misprints

Other misprints may be found on this link. Most of these misprints are of a cosmetic nature. The missing figure A.16 on page 567 may be found here.

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