Science Conversations @NTNU: Ethics and Open Access – important when publishing

Science Conversations @NTNU: Ethics and Open Access – important when publishing

Webinar 6 in NTNU’s webinar series for ambitious researchers

 Thursday 4 November 2021

Recording and topics

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Conversation topics

Open access to research results is a requirement from granting authorities both nationally and internationally. This is a demanding landscape because it must comply with ethical guidelines and a number of laws and regulations.

How do you move in the best possible way in this landscape? How do you know if you are publishing data and results correctly? How should co-authorship and open publishing be handled?

In this webinar, you will meet researchers from different disciplines and expertise from the library talking about open access of data and publications. 

Video Open Science

Open Science

Video by Ingrid Heggland/Open Science, NTNU

NTNU has an open science policy. The goal is that the research at NTNU should be accessible, reproducible and reusable. This video explain tools and resources for open science available at NTNU.

Research Ethics

Courses in Research Ethics

It is expected that our candidates take the linked e-learning course. NTNU log on is required.

panel and facilitator webinar 6

  Panel at the webinar


May Thorseth, photo.

Professor May Thorseth

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Faculty of Humanities

May Thorseth is the the director of Programme for Applied Ethics and have been the deputy leader of the Research Ethics Committee. As a researcher within ethics she knows very well  the ethics around publishing.


Alex Hansen, photo.

Professor and Director
Alex Hansen

Department of Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Alex Hansen has long experience in guiding younger researchers on how to publish, and what's important to think about when you publish data and scientific papers.



Henrik Karlstrøm, photo.

Senior Advisor
Henrik Karlstrøm

Library Section for Collections and Digital Services, NTNU University Library

Henrik Karlstrom is active in the University Library's working group on Open Access matters, working on how NTNU can continue its commitment to making academic research as openly accessible as possible.


Pernille Feilberg, photo.

Head of Communication
Pernille Feilberg

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Pernille Feilberg has background in Information Science, and has many years of experience as Head of Communication at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU.

About the webinars



Science Conversations @NTNU are web-based conversations between active researchers on topics that transcend disciplines. The topics are key when developing an academic career.

Younger and more experienced researchers from different disciplines will meet, share experiences and ideas, and give advice.

The webinars are designed for researchers at NTNU who want to advance in the scientific landscape. The series may also be useful for PhD candidates. 


Any questions?

Please contact Janne Østvang, Senior Adviser, Pro-Rector for Research.

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