Science Conversations @NTNU: Plagiarism in cases involving research ethics

Science Conversations @NTNU: Plagiarism in cases involving research ethics

NTNU’s webinar series for ambitious researchers – 9

 Thursday 10 March 2022

Webinar 9 - Conversation topics

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Conversation topics

Questions about plagiarism turn out to be a recurring theme in research ethics. A wide range of temptations may explain why plagiarism is such an important issue here. 

We often assume that people know all about the different aspects of plagiarism because it is thoroughly discussed and explored right from school level. But plagiarism crops up regularly in cases involving research ethics. 

Maybe this is because plagiarism is one of the greatest temptations that researchers face. The temptations are abundant, and a few researchers fall for them. Questions about plagiarism become relevant in many different everyday contexts. They may concern correct reference practice, legitimate authorship in collaborative and supervision relationships, or handling information that one gets to know about through peer reviews. 

The wide variety of temptations may explain why plagiarism is such an important issue in research ethics.  This diversity also explains why not all plagiarism cases are straightforward – they may be far more complex than a lack of willpower in a situation where everyone agrees on what is at stake and what is the right thing to do.

What do researchers react so strongly to in plagiarism cases? What is the best way to prevent plagiarism? And why is reuse of one’s own material, so-called self-plagiarism, actually problematic? 

In this webinar, you will meet members of the research ethics committee at NTNU.

In the media

In the media

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Panel and facilitator webinar 9

The panelists


Rune Nydal, photo.

Associate Professor
Rune Nydal

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Faculty of Humanities



Mina Spremic, photo.

PhD Candidate
Mina Spremic

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering



Marie Sundstrøm, photo.

HR Adviser
Marie Sundstrøm

HR Section, HR and HSE Division


Nancy Bazilchuk, photo.

Senior Adviser
Nancy Bazilchuk

Communication Division, Team Research and Innovation Communication