Science Conversations @NTNU: The supervisor’s important role in PhD education

Science Conversations @NTNU: The supervisor’s important role in PhD education

NTNU’s webinar series for ambitious researchers – 2

 Thursday 20 May 2021

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Conversation topics

High-quality PhD education is a key success factor for research at NTNU. Likewise, high-quality PhD supervision is of vital importance to you as an ambitious researcher at our university. The reason is that research quality improves when cooperation between PhD candidates and supervisors is at its best. 

This 45-minute webinar addresses successful practices for PhD supervision in different disciplines. Professors will share and discuss their experience through down-to-earth examples while PhD candidates will present views as seen by observant PhD candidates. Towards the end, the webinar will include a Q&A session. 

A couple of key facts about NTNU’s PhD education: There are about 2800 PhD candidates registered at NTNU, of whom 406 candidates graduated during 2020.

panel and facilitator webinar 2

The panellists


Tor Arne Johansen. Photo.

Tor Arne Johansen

Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Tor Arne Johansen is a professor with long-standing experience in supervising PhD candidates. His supervision portfolio includes both experimental and theoretical PhD projects. Many of them are interdisciplinary and projects in collaboration with companies. Johansen believes it is important to publish results, but equally important that the results lead towards something useful. Knowledge is most easily transferred to companies in the minds of the candidates they hire. Some of the PhD work has led to business start-ups.


Espen Storli. Photo.

Espen Storli

Department of Modern History and Society, Faculty of Humanities

Espen Storli has research experience from Harvard Business School and NTNU. He is building experience as a supervisor for PhD candidates. When Storli is supervising his PhD candidates, he believes it is important to consider collecive supervision, which has traditionally not been common in the humanities. In recent years, he has contributed to establishing common areas for supervision in the research group, and at the department level. These common areas involve PhD candidates, postdocs and permanent academic staff.


Pernille Feilberg. Photo.

Head of Communication
Pernille Feilberg

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Pernille Feilberg has background in Information Science, and has many years of experience as Head of Communication at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU.